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Why Every Business Should Hold the Staff Christmas Party in Their Own Office

The Staff Christmas party comes around faster than the blink of an eye every year which is great for all of those attending but not so great with those tasked with planning it!

It can be difficult to think of new and exciting venues each year, let alone getting all of the RSVPs back and making the final booking.

What if we were to tell you that you needn’t go through this hellish process this year and that you could save a lot of time and money by hosting the works Christmas Party in the comfort of your own offices?

Here are just a handful of the reasons why self-hosted Christmas parties works so well:

Cost Effective

Venue hire can be very pricy, especially around the Christmas period. The beauty of hosting the annual Christmas party in your own offices is that you already own or rent them so there is no hire charge what so ever!

Food and drink is another area you can save lots of cash. Hiring a caterer to make and deliver a delicious buffet comes at a fraction of the price of a sit down meal and also means you aren’t faced with the daunting task of collecting and confirming meal choices for every guest.

You can also avoid extortionate venue bar prices by bringing in a mobile bar hire company like Ronnie's Bar to provide a fully stocked bar and serve your staff all night long. Ronnie's Bar prices are very reasonable and what’s more - if you hit the easily achievable minimum spend then the hire fee is wavered.

No Time Restrictions

When the party is in full swing and everybody is having a jolly good time, nothing kills the vibe more than the turning on of the bright lights and the turning off of the music. Gone are the days when you have to abide by venue opening and closing times. Your venue means your rules!

Convenient Parking

Whilst many members of staff may live nearby and will opt to get a taxi to and from the Christmas party, others who live further afield may be required to drive. The staff car park is convenient and free for those people and also gives people the option of leaving their car overnight if they wish. They can rest assured that they won’t return to their car to find a big yellow parking fine the following day!

Breaks Down the Negative Office Association

Although your staff may love their job, there is often a negative association with ‘the office’ as it is a place where people can experience stress at times. Throwing a party in the office helps to break down that negative association and gives people happy memories which will change the natural emotions towards the work place.

If a self-hosted Christmas party is something that you are considering and you would like to discuss our mobile bar hire service then feel free to contact us on or give us a call on 07585 660613.


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