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How to Pull Off the Perfect DIY Wedding

DIY weddings are becoming extremely popular with creative couples who dream of putting their own stamp all over their big day.

Not only do DIY weddings give you more control over each and every aspect of your wedding but they can be extremely cost effective too, with some couples claiming that they have saved thousands!

However, it is important to remember that there is a lot of planning and hard work that goes into pulling off your dream wedding day. That’s why we have created this handy blog post to guide you through some important factors.

The Venue

Many DIY brides envisage a beautiful huge field as the venue for their special day, complete with a tipi or marquee full of quirky character. This can provide a stunning setting, just be sure to check that you have access to electricity or hire a generator for the running of your heating, lights, music, bar etc. The quality and flatness of the ground is also something to consider.

Indoor DIY wedding venues such as barns, rented country houses, community halls or more relaxed wedding venues are slightly more straight forward.

Whichever venue you choose, check that they have the required licencing but if they don’t then don’t fear – you can apply for a temporarily event notice (ten) from the local council which is under £25 and covers the licence for the bar sale of alcohol and the music.

The Catering

The limited and expensive catering options at typical wedding venues are one of the main things which push people towards a DIY wedding. Doing the whole thing yourself means you can pick the foods you really love and you can have fun with it too! There are lots of portable catering options out there including pizza and fish and chip vans or you could opt for a personalised buffet made up of all of the meals you enjoy as a couple. If you prefer a more traditional option then 3, 4 and even 5 course meals are also available. Always check that your chosen caterers have plenty of experience catering for weddings, check hygiene ratings and always read online reviews before booking.

The Bar

The bar is a really important factor in any wedding day (we know this all too well) and if done incorrectly it can become a disaster. Some DIY weddings opt for an ‘honesty bar’ where drinks are supplied by the bride and groom and poured freely by the guests. Aside from being a big expense, this can cause all sorts of problems from running out of drinks to overly intoxicated guests. Hiring a mobile bar does not have to be an expense and provides you and your guests with a professional service.

The Toilets

If you are lucky enough to have found a venue with indoor toilets then that is brilliant – just make sure you have enough loo roll! However, if you have opted for a real ‘out in the sticks’ venue then ensure that you hire some luxury portable toilets for you and your guests. It is also important to ensure that the route to the loo is well lit for the evening time. Solar lights can be a good option if access to electricity is limited.

The Weather

Chances are if you’re planning your wedding in the summer months you will have glorious sunny weather but let’s not forget that this is England we are talking about! If your DIY wedding includes outdoor spaces, it is essential to put measures in place just in case the heavens do open. If rain is forecast a few days before your wedding date, simply send a light hearted message to your guests advising them that they may want to pack some spare appropriate footwear. It is also a good idea to stock up on umbrellas for guests to use to and from the toilets and their cars if required. A bucket of blankets is also a nice touch for those who feel the cold.

The Finishing Touches

A huge amount of money can be saved if you, your partner and even family and friends chip in with a bit of arts and crafts! Homemade invitations are fairly easy to make and give your guests a taste of the personal, quirky day ahead. Centre pieces, chair decorations, bunting and other room décor can also be made by hand and it can be a really fun and exciting day setting up your dream wedding venue the day before! Just make sure that your venue will allow you to do so before you take Hobbycraft by storm!

Although the prospect of a DIY wedding may sound daunting it is extremely rewarding and it guarantees that your wedding is truly one of a kind.

The final word of advice from us is simple – Do it!!


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