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Is Ronnie's Bar Suitable For My Venue?

We get lots of questions about whether or not we can provide our mobile bar hire for specific types of venues. People are often surprised to find out that we can set up in some of the trickiest of locations, as all we require is a flat piece of accessible land and access to electricity.

We thought we would pull together a list of all the different types of venues we have previously worked in, from the ordinary to those on the wild side!


Ronnie's Bar - Tipi Venue

Tipi weddings are one of our most common bookings and we're not mad about it. We love a tipi wedding! The laid back vibe and festival feels are what make tipi weddings so great. When provided by an experienced, professional company, tipis are a great location for us to set up and serve all of the dancing juice required for a fantastic time!


Ronnie's Bar - Marquee Venue

Marquee weddings or events are another of our most popular bookings. We just love the amount of space on offer in a marquee and the way they can be light and airy in the summer or warm and cosy in the winter. Either way, we always find the perfect spot in a marquee to set up shop and keep the drinks flowing from day to night.

Stretch Tents

Ronnie's Bar - Stretch Tent Venue

Stretch tents often get confused with tipis, but here is the main difference - Tipis tend to be made from natural materials and provide a lot more floor to ceiling coverage (including flooring) which means they can be used all year round. Stretch tents however, are more modern, tend to be made of manmade materials and only offer over-head coverage. They are great for Summer events and we love working in them because access is so easy!


Ronnie's Bar - Barn Venue

Barns have quickly become the most popular type of wedding venue over the past few years and it's not hard to see why. They offer character and charm in abundance whilst also providing full protection form the elements should the weather not be on side for your event. These days, barns tend to be equipped with all of the utilities you could wish for, so we are more than happy operating our mobile bar from Barn venues.

Pop-Up Gazebos

Ronnie's Bar - Pop Up Marquee

Pop up gazebos are great for outdoor events where there isn't a great deal of space available. At Ronnie's Bar we can provide our own pop up gazebo which fits nicely over our bar. This provides all of the protection we need, providing a storm doesn't hit!


Ronnie's Bar - Church Venue

contrary to common belief, bars are allowed inside many churches throughout the UK, but please do check with your venue ahead of your event. The beauty of providing our mobile bar hire inside of a church is that there are lots of quirky little nooks for us to set up in and those stained glass windows make it look spectacular!

Community Halls

Ronnie's Bar - Community Hall Venue

From weddings and christenings to funerals and birthday parties, community halls make a superb and cost effective venue. They offer all of the facilities we require to provide an excellent bar service and some even have a built in 'hatch' which is really handy to run a bar from!

Pig Sties

Ronnie's Bar - Pig Sty Venue

One of our less common bookings (in fact we have only had 1) is the good old pig sty! Ok, so it may have been a little rough around the edges, but that only added to the 'country charm' and it was certainly an event that we won't forget any time soon! Providing your pig sty has access to electricity, we won't turn our noses up!

Fixed Bars

Ronnie's Bar - Fixed Bar Venue

Although we have our own mobile bars, some venues already have a perfectly good bar built in and just require drinks, glass wear and professional staff. Ronnie's Bar are more than happy to make ourselves at home in a fixed bar to do what we do best!

Street Events

Ronnie's Bar - Street Event

Last but not least... street events! The atmosphere at a street event is truly difficult to top and we just love being in the thick of it. Our personal favourite street event was Manchester Pride Festival. We love to team up with 'bricks and mortar' establishments who are based in the heart of street events to provide our mobile bar service. Everyone is happy!

Hopefully this gives you an insight into the types of venue which you can hire Ronnie's Bar for, however if your specific event venue isn't on the list please feel free to get in touch to discuss if we are a good fit for your venue.

07585 660 613


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