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Q&A With Ronnie's Bar Owner, Emily.

Want to know a little more about the brains behind the business? We've got this covered...

1. What made you want to set up Ronnie’s Bar?

I really enjoy bar work as I love meeting and chatting to new people. A good bar tender is a little like a good hairdresser, we get told everything whilst people prop up the bar. Prior to setting up Ronnie's Bar, I managed many different types of bars for over 6 years on a freelance basis including mobile bars, festival bars and in fixed venues. It was a natural next step.

2. Do you enjoy being a business owner?

Yes and no haha. I think self employed people are wired differently, nothing is certain and there is a lot of risk. The Covid-19 crisis proved this as it hit the events sector hard. You learn to live off nerves and palpitations but I wouldn't have it any other way.

3. What are your main goals for The business?

Honestly, happiness and a good work life balance are all that matters to me. I simply want Ronnie's Bar to provide a great service in all kinds of events whether it be weddings, gigs, parties etc. I want people to leave and say "that bar was ace, those bar staff were ace" and I want to be remembered.

4. What is your favourite part of the job?

Seeing people having a good time. I also like 'Jager bomb o'clock' as it's the point in the night where people allow themselves to relax and just have a good time.

5. What is the most memorable event you have ever worked at?

I was booked to run VIP silver service at the Cheltenham Festival. Due to the nature of the event and expectations it can be quite stressful. You have to be on your toes at all times.

I think it was actually gold cup day when the fire alarm went off just as we were just about to serve the lamb dinner. I had to escort various celebrities and royalty down the rickety stairs of a temporary building to the concourse until I was radioed the all clear. I remember being surrounded by various well known faces (to be honest I am never fazed by this in my line of work) BUT a footballer from my local team (Stoke City) was there and I was stressing thinking he may shout at me if his lamb is cold. It turned out that he and everybody else were lovely. They just enjoyed the free booze!

6. Tell us a funny story from your career in bar work.

Working in a lot of tipis and marquees it isn't uncommon for wildlife to end up in the tents. I have been behind the bar with ducks, horses and sheep. To be fair I have often enjoyed this up until the point that they need the loo.

7. How do you pick which drinks you stock? You must be spoilt for choice!

We will always stock the standard spirits like vodka, gin, rum etc and there is always something for everyone but we also look at current trends. We always change with the season or event too.

8. Seeing as you’re some what of a beverage expert - What is your favourite Tipple?

Well this is embarrassing, I like a simple diet coke with a slice, no ice. If I am feeling rebellious I will go for a fruity cider. I like a clear head at all times. I know that sounds boring but I won't lie!


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