Would you like a great night out (or 2) at Ronnie’s for free?

Posted on June 6, 2011 in Ronnie's News

Next Saturday we are launching a fantastic new drink at Ronnie’s…..

….and one lucky person will win a free £100 bar tab

A prize well worth winning, I’m sure you’ll agree. So please accept this as your personal invitation to a special event starting at 9pm on Saturday 11th June. There will be some free samples and for every purchase of this fantastic drink you will receive a free raffle ticket for the £100 bar tab draw.

The draw will take place at 1am that night and the lucky winner will be able to use their prize from the next day onwards. The only catch is the tab must be used before the end of June 2011.

For further information on Hollows, go to www.proofdrinks.com, but all you really need to know is that it is fantastic high quality 4% alcohol drink from the makers of Fentimans Ginger Beer. It has a great gingery taste and is exceptional served over ice. There are only natural ingredients in it and it is brewed and fermented with the  finest Chinese Ginger Root. The final words on Hollows are their own – “Beware of Imitations”.

Please let us know if you’re coming by dropping a line to info@ronnies-bar.co.uk and we’ll make sure that there’s plenty of Hollows on ice available.

See you Saturday




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