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Posted on May 10, 2011 in Ronnie's News

The thing about music is that the emotions and the reactions that any tune evokes are unique to the listener. With this in mind, respect should be given to the immense skill of the DJs at Ronnie’s who week in week out deliver the quality entertainment that generates pleasure for many people at once which in turn creates the amazing atmosphere here in the courtyard.

The eclectic mix of brilliant music, as usual, was superbly put together this weekend by Bert & Brighty on Friday night and Macca on Saturday. I think, judging by the crowd reaction though, the tune of Saturday night was undoubtedly Roxanne, which just seemed to get the place bouncing.

This week we have another great line up of quality music and entertainment for you…..

Tuesday – If free live entertainment is your thing then join us for our Open Mic night. We could wax lyrical about the quality, or you can just come down and check it out. I suggest you go for the latter. And we’ve also got City v Tottenham on the screens.
Wednesday – Classic cocktail Wednesday here at Ronnie’s. Come on down and enjoy the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted.
Thursday – The weekend starts here. Great people, great drinks and great music. What better way to celebrate the start of Friday?
Friday – DJ’s Bert and Brighty will be here bringing you the best Friday night in town. Open late, get here early and settle in for the night.
Saturday – We have the FA Cup Final on the screens during the day s well as the live Premier League matches that could see United lifting the Premier League Trophy. Red or Blue, why not celebrate (or commiserate) at Ronnie’s. Then we have Steeve Mac’s Sunshine Groove Thing to take you through until Sunday.
Sunday – Recover from Saturday night here at Ronnie’s Bar with more live football and a chilled ‘end of the weekend’ atmosphere to recharge those batteries.

My cocktail of the week this week is a Passion Fruit Caiporoska which is basically a Caipirinha made with 42 Below Passion Fruit Vodka instead of Cachaca. The Passion Fruit Vodka stirred into the muddled lime and sugar topped with crushed ice creates a superb fruity tangy drink. Well worth trying.

See you soon

The heart of entertainment in Macc

PS if you haven’t already done it, you need to convert your old Ronnie’s Club Card to the new updated version. We will even buy you a free cocktail when you come in to swap your card over plus there’s a whole range of other benefits such as building up bonus points to be redeemed on free drinks, birthday cocktails and more. Full details of all the benefits can be found at .


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