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Posted on April 21, 2011 in Ronnie's News

Andy is a friend of mine who happens to be a professional copy writer. He blogged recently that always seemed to be ranting about things that piss him off so for a change he was going to blog about things that made him happy. Those happy things ranged from a few quirky pics to a great stand up bit from Stewart Lee talking about Joe Pasquale (well worth You Tubing) and finished with an awesome tune, Be Thankful For What You Got by William De Vaughn (probably available on iTunes or Spotify but if not just You Tube it).

So this actually got me into a really happy frame of mind and started me thinking. I seem to be always ranting about something – the town centre retail development, excise duty escalators, VAT raises, The Daily Mail and so on. Bollocks to all of that. There’s loads for me to be happy about. The weather’s great for a start, the entertainment  at the bar has never been better so I thought I’d take my good mood a step further and buy Ronnie’s Club card holders a free cocktail just to celebrate being thankful for what we’ve got.

Is there a catch? Not really but it’s a great reason to get you to come in and collect your new and improved Ronnie’s Club Card at the same time.

You see we’ve upgraded the Ronnie’s Club Card so that it now accumulates points and offers you a range of new benefits.

There are seven good reasons why you should upgrade your card now:

  1. We’ll buy you a free cocktail when you come into collect your new card
  2. We’ll buy you a free cocktail on your Birthday
  3. We’ll buy you a free cocktail on your Half Birthday
  4. When you buy drinks at Ronnie’s, use your new Ronnie’s Club Card to accumulate points to be redeemed on special offers specific to you
  5. You’ll get advanced notice and invitation to all Ronnie’s events and promotions
  6. All cocktails from the standard list are 2-4-£10 at all times
  7. Do it before 27th May 2011 and you could be our VIP guest at the Ronnie’s relaunch party

There will be new features and benefits added all the time and we will keep you informed by email, facebook and through the Ronnie’s website.

Please remember to bring your old card with you when you collect your new one. And why not bring a friend, they can join too. It’s free to sign up!

I was going to email you about the new cards anyway, so thank Andy for putting me in such a good mood this morning that I am now offering to buy you a free cocktail as well.

By the way there is one slight catch; the free cocktail is limited to 100 people. So the first 100 Ronnie’s Club Card holders who come to collect their new cards will benefit from my generous mood. Take advantage whilst it lasts, I don’t do this very often!

See you soon.


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