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Posted on March 3, 2011 in Ronnie's News

Our commitment to quality entertainment relies on our commitment to quality sound…

I spent yesterday dealing with irritations and matters which distracted me. Only one of them was really important as it concerns my parents and their well being. The other two were on the face of it quite minor but I responded to them all though dropping the things that I should have been doing.

Of the less significant issues, one was an innocuous badly thought out comment dressed as a “fact” by a local music columnist in the Macc Express. The columnist stated that we have perennial problems with the sound system at Ronnie’s Bar. This is completely untrue. There is absolutely no supporting fact or foundation, so I felt the need to address it.

With the benefit of sleeping on it though I can see how stupid the comment was and that the person who wrote it is of no real significance to me or the operation of Ronnie’s Bar or what it stands for.

We have a fantastic sound system. The bands and DJs who perform here regularly will testify to that. And the fact that people come here week in week out to listen to the bands or the DJs justify it as a fact. To suggest we have perennial problems with the sound is quite frankly fictitious, ignorant, ludicrous and laughable.

Talking of bands that perform here, we have the fantastic Aussie folk singer and awesome live performer Carus Thompson bringing his band back here for the fourth time next Saturday night (12th March). Before that though, we have our brilliant resident band Rough Twist here tomorrow night from 7pm. And on Sunday from 4pm we have the first heat of our Battle of the Bands with ultimate winners of the competition earning performance slots alongside huge names in music such as the Charlatans, Buzzcocks, Bad Lieutenant, ACR and more at the forthcoming Friends of Mine Festival.

On top of all of that live music and as usual we have our fantastic DJs belting out brilliant party sets til 3am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Our commitment is to providing quality entertainment week in week out. Our entertainment relies heavily on our sound system.  Enough said.

See you soon.


Thursday 3 March 2011

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