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Posted on January 27, 2011 in Ronnie's News

Ronnie’s Blog – Music creates the atmosphere….

I need to de-clutter my house, so I started and then stopped after about 2 minutes when I found an old Q Magazine special on The Who. I bought it at Gatwick Airport in 2004 and I’ve kept it safe ever since, so safe that I never found it again until now (and I’ve moved house 3 times since then). So I stopped de-cluttering and started reading it (again).

I got to an article about Pete Townshend’s Lifehouse project, a film concept/project that preoccupied Townshend for the best part of 30 years until BBC Radio 3 broadcast it as a drama with music in 1999 – followed by the release of The Lifehouse Chronicals box set. It took a long time for anything to happen under this title because nobody really understood what Townshend was attempting and I’m sure it just kept evolving for him. But despite the project taking so long to get off the ground The Who continued to release outstanding records. And most of Who’s Next, which includes the classics Won’t Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes and Baba O’Reilly, was written originally for Lifehouse.

The inspiration for Lifehouse came from an essay by a Sufi musician called Hazrat Inayat Khan who believed “that music can turn matter into spirit…the way in which we can find our own place is to tune our instrument to the keynote of the chord to which we belong.

I like that concept. I can completely adapt that to my life and also to the music policy at Ronnie’s. We are very selective about the type of music that’s played, because the music creates the atmosphere. Despite the eclectic range of styles, the keynote of the chord to which Ronnie’s belongs is easy to describe. Whether it’s the stuff our DJs play, the brilliantly fun Open Mic or the original live music it’s quality not mainstream. It attracts the right sort of people who then develop and enhance the atmosphere that the music creates.

Taking music beyond the boundaries of the ground floor of Dukes Court, we will also be getting involved with the organisers of the FOM (Friends of Mine) Festival at Capesthorne Hall in May. We will be making some exciting announcements within the next few days.

This weekend however starts tonight with Steeve Mac who’s on til 3am tonight. And by following this link the rest of Ronnie’s weekend’s entertainment and special offers is listed.

See you soon.


Thursday 27th January 2011

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