Stella Black – Exclusive at Ronnie’s

Posted on January 26, 2011 in Ronnie's News

Ronnie’s Bar has landed an exclusive new beer as it becomes the only venue in town to boast the new Stella Black.

Launched late last year, and imported from Belgium, the drink will only be available at 500 carefully selected outlets nationwide to ensure it retains its premium image.

Described as having more body, more colour and less bitterness than its more famous sister brand of Stella Artois, it fits in well with the high quality surroundings of Ronnie’s Bar in Duke’s Court.

Owner Ronnie Rees said: “We have always positioned the bar as the premium bar in Macclesfield. We offer relaxed surroundings, a friendly atmosphere and plenty of free live entertainment.

“But alongside that we are always on the look-out for premium quality brands to offer our customers. As a genuine premium bar we don’t deal in brightly coloured alcopops, so it’s only the best for our regulars.

“And we know that Stella are carefully selecting where they will be distributing their new premium brand, so to be chosen as one of these
locations is a testament to how well we are rated in the industry as well as giving us the chance to offer an excellent product to the people of Macclesfield.”

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