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Posted on January 20, 2011 in Offers

You may be aware that we have been doing some video interviews with customers over the past few weeks. And one of the things that came back to us was a desire for a cask ale or two to add to our premium drinks offering. So in response to that we will be introducing guest cask ales to the bar. Each week we will bring a different cask ale but we will be starting tonight with Draught Bass Cask.

At 4.4% ABV it uses two different strains of yeast to create a wonderful rich, distinctive nutty flavour.

All weekend before 11pm, starting tonight Ronnie’s Clubcard holders can sample Draught Bass for just £2.95 per pint. After that the price goes up to £3.25 per pint for the rest of the night. But if you get in before 11pm either tonight, Friday, Saturday or Sunday you can sample this great beer with a rich history for under £3 a pint!

One or two further items of interest on this beer are that it was first brewed in Burton-on-Trent in 1777. It is still brewed in Burton. And the Bass red triangle logo was the first ever registered trade mark in the World.

And on to the second new product this week, our friends at Stella have introduced Stella Artois Black a new premium lager to their range. We are the only bar in Macclesfield to have this new product and one of only 500 selected outlets in the whole of the country deemed exclusive enough for the launch of this prestigious new genuine import from Belgium.

Matured longer, this full bodied golden beer will sell at £3.80 per pint but for tonight before 11pm only, Ronnie’s Clubcard holders can buy Stella Black for just £3 per pint.

So there you have it two new great premium drinks added to our superb portfolio of premium and super premium products and, if you get there early, at great introductory prices too.

See you later.

Thursday 20th January 2011

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