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Posted on January 17, 2011 in Ronnie's News

I’ve decided to get away for a few days to rest up and focus on the year ahead. I am now in the Algarve in very pleasant surroundings whilst the government at home are doing their level best to destroy confidence and to inflict financial pain on everybody. But we should refuse to let them drag us down. Despite what they say, the country hasn’t been run into the ground by New Labour.

We are though all paying for the worldwide negligence of the banks. The current UK government line that it’s all our fault for voting in 3 successive Labour governments, therefore we all have to suffer, is plain wrong and masking the truth. And they are taking a huge gamble that the austere measures with regards to VAT rises, fuel and duty rises and cuts in spending will work.

I suppose that the Tory thinking is if it works they’ll get in again but this time without the lily livered u-turning Liberals; but if it doesn’t they are back to where they were in opposition; so it’s worth the gamble. If anybody could explain to me quite what the Liberals hope to achieve from supporting these measures could they please let me know.

Big Society means we’re cutting money so sort it out yourselves. For instance the new Home Office recommendations with regards to policing are that late licence venues should pay for policing if they are going to stay open late. It is a completely flawed idea but it is fuelled by miscommunications from the likes of the Daily Mail which blame most of the ills of today’s society on binge drinking caused by “Labour’s failed 24 hour licensing legislation”.

If binge drinking is on the increase it must surely be due more to the irresponsible increase in below cost selling of alcohol by the large supermarkets. This facilitates the drinking of larger quantities of booze at home before venturing out (preloading is the new terminology for this). It is absolutely nothing to do with what time you can buy your alcohol.

Why then should the late licence on-trade be threatened by a new tax to pay for a problem exacerbated by the preloaders driving up the profits of the large supermarkets – the loss leader price watch bollocks is very misleading advertising because once you’re in there buying 24 cans of Stella for a tenner, you’re more inclined to buy other stuff which is not discounted and loaded with profit. It works for them; Tesco are making huge profits and are slowly taking over the country – they are the country’s biggest land owner, so this is no exaggeration.

So the focus should be to stop the irresponsible promotions, i.e. regulate the off-trade as stringently as the on-trade, not to try and shut down the whole late night economy to save on the cost of policing.

The upshot of Tesco taking over the world has repercussions beyond the on-trade it affects town centres as fewer people venture into them at any time because they can buy everything they want at their local superstore with free parking to boot. But the relentless drive to keep people in their homes limiting freedom of movement shows no sign of slowing down. We are after all easier to control if nobody goes out.

Well don’t be fooled people.

There are however still plenty of reasons why you should venture out of your homes and continue to sample the free entertainment and superb atmosphere at Ronnie’s though.

Open later and longer than any other establishment in town there’s always something going on whether it’s simply meeting great like minded people, the quality original live music, open mic, the brilliant DJs, fantastic cocktails, premium and super premium spirits, quality wines, some great new bottle beers or (in response to demand) the introduction of guest cask ales.

We will also be one of only a handful of venues in the whole of the country selling the new tasty and super premium Stella Black. A genuine imported beer with full flavour and refinement it’s a bold move by Stella to go back towards the reassuringly expensive brand they used to enjoy, before the supermarkets started their loss leading irresponsible promotions. It is well worth giving it a try.

See you soon.


Monday 17th January 2010

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