Rough Twist are the new resident band!

Posted on December 14, 2010 in Live at Ronnie's

Ronnie’s Bar in Dukes Court, Macclesfield have announced that the next band to take up the mantle of the ‘Band in Residence’ at Ronnie’s Bar are local lads Rough Twist.

Alongside a monthly live music festival – Macc Sabbath on the first Sunday of every month – Rough Twist will be continuing the bar’s run of high quality live music in Macclesfield

Live music in the North West is facing a crisis as venues outside of city centres closing down regularly, but Ronnie’s is bucking the trend by investing in local music and giving them the opportunity to perform at a quality venue.

“RoughTwist are a fantastic vibrant band with loads of energy, creativity and huge potential” said Ronnie. “At the bar we’re all really pleased that RoughTwist have taken up the residency as it not only guarantees regular top quality original live music in the venue, it hopefully gives the band a platform to try out new things and develop their undoubted talent into success. The future of live music isn’t patronising vacuous TV shows championing style over substance, its bands like RoughTwist who have style and substance through writing and performing their own music with passion and commitment.

“And by not charging entry to our events, apart from when we run them for charity, we can help them spread the word to as many people as possible.”

Already well regarded in the area as the best live music venue in the town, Ronnie’s pride themselves on their commitment to local music.

“We have spent a lot of money on the bar over the past year. We have built a top quality sound system here and we know that people enjoy coming here to perform and always want to come back again and again.”

Hosting both established acts who can pack the courtyard out and weekly ‘open mic’ slots to give everyone a chance to show off, Ronnie’s has become a hub of the music scene in the town that gave the world Ian Curtis and now has a thriving community of talented artists.

The Virginmarys are fast becoming Macclesfield’s biggest music export – the most successful group of musicians to come out of the town since Joy Division. Fresh from supporting the likes of Clash and Terrorvision, the Virginmary’s have also been the iTunes single of the week and are increasing their profile almost daily.

But in their early days ‘paying their dues’ around the Macclesfield pub circuit they were regulars at Ronnie’s Bar as their resident band for several months.

“I think everyone involved in live music in Macclesfield are excited and proud of the Virginmarys” Said Ronnie Rees, owner of the bar.

“You could tell from way back that they had something a bit special about them, and we knew that whenever we had them on in the bar we would be in for a good night. And their success probably epitomise what we are trying to do here at Ronnies. They have gone on to much bigger things, and we are hoping they will help inspire other local bands such as Rough Twist to come through, and we’ll do our best to help them on their way.”

Ross Massey, bassist for Rough Twist added: “We’re really excited about playing at Ronnie’s. We had been discussing the idea of a residency when we were approached and it seemed written in the stars.

“We know that stepping into the Virginmary’s shoes is a massive task but we’re sure we have enough fire-power to make this a huge success. The music scene in Macclesfield is buzzing and that’s down to venues such as Ronnie’s who cater so well to bands and music listeners alike. The courtyard has a great sound and an even better atmosphere.

“The next 12 months for us as a band are crucial but we know that working along-side Ronnie and his team, we can all achieve our goals.”

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