Feeling positive and looking forward to Christmas in Macc….

Posted on November 10, 2010 in Ronnie's News

Feeling positive and looking forward to Christmas in Macc…. 

I was at the latest Macclesfield Guild & Chamber of Trade meeting yesterday and there was a distinct feeling of positivity and optimism in the room. This is despite the current Government’s slash and burn policies sending out messages of despair. Now I’m not going to get into party politics or debate about the rights and wrongs of this but I would say that the stance of the glass was half empty under Labour but now we’ve smashed the glass and we’re all going to go thirsty until we’ve made a new one doesn’t get people smiling and feeling good about themselves. But we are more resilient than that and have overcome adversity far worse than anything we’re facing at the moment.  

Anyway, back to the positivity. The Guild are a group of local business people and individuals who work together to try and improve Macclesfield. It’s a simple concept and the membership is growing. It’s also an admirable concept, it’s looking outwards to bring people inwards. More people visiting the town will have a huge impact on the local economy. So there are a number of great initiatives which are all designed to improve the town. If you’re interested in what The Guild are up to visit www.maccguild.co.uk or better still come along to the next meeting on Tuesday 7th December (from 5.45pm) here at Ronnie’s when we’ll also be having a bit of a Christmas social.  

One of the main drivers of the Guild is to get more people into the town centre on a regular basis. Clearly Christmas is a great focal point for this right now. This year as well as the usual colossal Christmas tree and the lights in the town centre there’s the added attraction of an Ice Rink in Market Square. I’m really looking forward to the Ice Rink, it should really add an extra Christmassy feel to the town. Guild members Mandy and Nick have done a great job at putting all this together and I really hope that it is roaring success. Ticket details can be found at www.maccice.co.uk .  

Closer to home we’re turning Ronnie’s bit of Dukes Court into Winter Wonderland for the whole of December. As well as our very own grotto with lights and a tree, the entertainment on offer will be of the highest calibre. From Thursday 16th December we’ve got DJs or live music or both on every night of the week right up to New Years Day. There are a number of focal points in that period notably Christmas Eve when we’re open til 4am and New Year’s Eve when we’re open til 5am. The NYE bash is as usual a ticket only event. We are, like last year, offering a limited number of VIP tickets at £20 and regular tickets at £10. Prices for both are half that for Ronnie’s Clubcard holders, so if you haven’t got one already register for one and benefit from the half price entry to the best NYE party in town. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you a bit of baton passing. I’m not referring to one of George Michael’s favourite cottaging techniques but to Ronnie’s resident bands. For most of last year and the first six months of this the Virginmarys were the Ronnie’s house band. They are as you know making some significant advances in their career with i-tunes singles of the week, tracks featured in x-box games, touring all over the place and an overwhelming abundance of talent they are deservedly doing exceptionally well. So we are holding a party for them. Well an after show party at Ronnie’s on 11th December. They are gigging at the Manchester Academy and you can buy tickets over the bar at Ronnie’s as well as the usual outlets. The advantage to buying your ticket at Ronnie’s is that you get a free ticket to the after party for no extra cost. 

Then on the 19th of December the house band baton will be passed to Rough Twist who will start a residency at Ronnie’s. I really like Rough Twist from seeing them in the very early stages trying out new things at our Open Mic nights through to the Help For Heroes gig in September they are talented, work hard and have developed quite a following. They definitely have something special about them. I am looking forward to this. It will be a great gig for sure, so don’t miss it!  

See you soon 



The heart of entertainment in Macc 

PS Don’t forget we’d also like to give you a free bottle of bubbly. If you book a party for anytime in the next 12 months before the end of November 2010 we will give you a free bottle of bubbly on the night of your event. Bookings are subject to availability, and to get the bubbly you must book before 30 November 2010. (The only other condition is that the party must be for 20 or more people). Room hire is free as well so it’s a win win all round!

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