Upgrade Wednesdays at Ronnie’s.

Posted on October 27, 2010 in Ronnie's News

Upgrade Wednesdays at Ronnie’s

First we brought you cocktail Wednesdays, now its Upgrade Wednesdays.

We are now offering a fantastic deal for you every Wednesday at Ronnie’s at no extra cost.

As you know we stock an extensive range of premium spirits. In fact we have the finest range of quality spirits in Macc, possibly in the whole of Cheshire.

Our standard drinks are of the highest quality, for example our pouring vodka is Smirnoff Black, no other bar or pub in town offers such premium vodka as standard. Amongst the benefits of this are there are fewer impurities and consequently the flavour and taste are not impaired, you are less likely to suffer hangovers and there’s no nasty after taste.
But we also stock even purer vodkas with the upgrade, and this Wednesday you can choose from Ketel One, Belvedere orCiroc and taste the difference for free.
If you prefer gin, then your Tanqueray becomes a Tanqueray 10, for rum drinkers, then our usual Pampero becomes 10 Cane or Skipper.
Bulleit Bourbon is upgraded to Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve or Makers Mark and if whiskey is your spirit of choice, we’ll bump you up from the already high-quality J&B to Macallan.
In other words its Super Premium as standard on Upgrade Wednesday (this is for Ronnie’s Clubcard holders only but you can register on the night.
This offer is only available to Ronnie’s Clubcard holders, so if you haven’t got one yet you can get one by asking at the bar or registering online at www.ronnies-bar.co.uk/ronnies-club-card/

Upgrade Wednesdays – serving super premium as standard!

See you later


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