The antidote to X Factor is in a bar near you…

Posted on October 6, 2010 in Ronnie's News

The antidote to X Factor is in a bar near you… 

Last year I highlighted Sting slagging off X Factor by calling it a soap opera not a music talent show. He also cited that the real shop floor for musical talent is pubs and clubs. So nothing’s changed then.  

X factor is quite clearly a television show after ratings not a music talent show. All this is proved every year, none more so than this year with Cheryl Cole picking two emotional wrecks in her ‘final three’ above vastly more talented singers. Look at the column inches this ‘outrage’ has generated on the front pages of the tabloids for the last few days, all in the build up to the shows on Saturday and Sunday. How many more people will now watch the shows then pick up the phone and vote just to right the wrong of Cheryl’s poor judgement?   

This all goes to prove that the only true talent on X Factor is Simon Cowell. If the winner of the show actually sells any records it’s a bonus to him. He’s already made a fortune by selling the show to ITV each year, raking in a cut of the voting revenue (and more viewers = more revenue), building the X Factor brand and selling the brand to other TV networks into other countries. Simon Cowell is now a media star in his own right and has my utmost respect as a business and marketing man, but X Factor’s commercial success has very little to do with the music. 

When it comes to musical talent though, this country is blessed with a great deal of it. All over the country there are a great number of talented musicians, regularly gigging in pubs, bars and clubs for the enjoyment and creative release with some also choosing to turn this into a career.  

At Ronnie’s for example our former resident band the Virginmarys are progressing nicely with their chosen career and hopefully their amazing talent and creativity combined with hard work and good management will convert to huge success.  

And this Sunday at Ronnie’s we have the perfect antidote to X Factor – top quality live music from the utterly brilliant Magic Otters. They are amazingly talented musicians and they put on a superb show. We’ve got some clips of their last gig at Ronnie’s on and if you want more to hear more of them before Sunday there’s plenty of their material on YouTube.  

If you like live music come out and support it (for free as well) each week at Ronnie’s. You know it makes sense. 

See you soon. 


Wednesday 6th October 2010

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