Live Football this week at Ronnie’s.

Posted on September 30, 2010 in Ronnie's News

Football at Ronnie’s This Weekend 

There is a lot of press nonsense printed about football in this country. They’re always looking for a sensational story or an innocent quote that can be twisted into something sinister or made to look stupid. I recommend  which consistently highlights the stupidity, hypocrisy and bollocks written and quoted about football. 

Anyway, onto this weekend’s games and my predictions: 

Saturday 2 October 

12.45 Wigan v Wolves 

As it stands at the moment these are two early contenders for the relegation battle. Wolves I feel are slightly stronger and they are managed by Mick ‘is this the face of a man who gives a flying fuck’ McCarthy. Wigan of course is a prime example of the hypocrisy and xenophobia of the English media. Dave Whelan has been their benefactor whose personal investment has taken the club from non league to the Premiership. Now he may not have the billions of the Sheik at City or Abramowich at Chelsea so it’s unlikely he can turn them into title contenders but his money has always been good for football whereas the other two are allegedly bad for football. I am not knocking Dave Whelan by the way, I think what he’s done for Wigan is remarkable and commendable, but get some perspective. 

Anyway I’m going for a 2-1 Wigan win. 

15.00 Sunderland v United 

I can predict Steve Bruce will not be happy with the officials if Sunderland don’t win. Strange that he’s always upset with them when that happens but never when they win. So here’s how it goes Darren Bent will score and so will Berbatov. United will then get a late penalty, win the game and Bruce will be moaning about the officials.

So 2-1 to United in this one. 

Sunday 3 October 

13.30 City v Newcastle 

I like Newcastle being in the top flight. Their fans are passionate and turn up in large numbers home and away and create a great atmosphere. They also possess some dangerous players. However City should be too strong for them this time. That’s of course if they play like they did against Chelsea.  

2-0 City. 

16.00 Chelsea v Arsenal 

Two of the Sky Four come head to head. Big deal. 2-1 Chelsea.  

Of course as usual, you can win free beer by watching these games at Ronnie’s and playing our Predicta Game. Guess the correct score and you’re a winner. It couldn’t be simpler. 

Also, don’t forget there are a host of other benefits for anybody with a Ronnie’s Clubcard. See for details. 

Enjoy the games. 


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