Football – New York style.

Posted on September 10, 2010 in Ronnie's News

So as I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site I’ve been in New York for a few days and whilst there I had to find the Mad Hatter Saloon the official Manchester City in NYC. I enjoyed a couple of pints of Blue Moon too just to savour it all.

And despite being so far away and enjoying everything New York had to offer it was rather comforting to have a taste of home out there. The Blue Moon is rising fast. 

Anyway, whilst I was out there I also managed to catch the second half of the England v Bulgaria game. I couldn’t quite understand the press criticism after a 4-0 win either, I thought they looked comfortable. The subsequent win over Switzerland seems to have calmed them down a bit now, but then again just what do you expect with six City players on the pitch – ruining English football my arse! 

Anyway on to the games we’re showing at Ronnie’s this week and my predictions: 

On Saturday 11th September  

12.30 Everton v United 

I reckon United will win 2-1. I think Rooney will get a shit load of stick which will just inspire him to play a blinder. And when Rooney plays a blinder United usually win. 

15.00 City v Blackburn 

Going for a City win. Hardly surprising that I would predict that but I reckon they got complacent at Sunderland. It was too easy in the first half and they simply didn’t take their chances. Then they were punished for that. No repeats on Saturday 4-0 City. 

On Sunday 12th September 

16.00 Birmingham v Liverpool 

If Birmingham score first it will finish 1-1; if Liverpool score first they will win 2-0. 

On Monday 13th September 

20.00 Stoke v Villa 

I reckon Stoke will get their first win of the season by completely outmuscling Villa. 2-1 

As usual you can win free beer watching the games at Ronnie’s. Simply guess the right score in any of our featured games and win a pint. 

That’s it for now. Enjoy the games. 


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