Magic Otters Live at Ronnie’s – Sunday 15th August 2010 From 7pm…..

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Magic Otters Live at Ronnie’s – Sunday 15th August 2010 From 7pm…..

“I had a night at Ronnie’s bar to meet some musician friends! Some great music played and a great night!” 

- Johnny

This is a great quote on an unrelated website to ours, and is attributed to someone called Johnny Marr from Manchester. Ask me for the site and I’ll give you the link.

Music is a major part of the entertainment at Ronnie’s. In a recent survey 89% of those polled stated that the DJs at Ronnie’s were good, very good or excellent. 89% also said that the live music at Ronnie’s is good, very good or excellent.

We pride ourselves on putting on great music at the bar, whether its brilliant DJ sets or quality live original music from local bands. This Sunday is no exception. In fact this is something I’ve been really looking forward to for quite a while. The Magic Otters will be playing live here, in the courtyard on Sunday Evening.

Many of you will have heard of them, some of you may have seen them before, but just in case you don’t know, I’ll leave the description to one of the founder members of the band, Steven Young. The following is taken from his website:

The Magic Otters are a psychedelic rock group from Macclesfield, Cheshire. The band was formed in 1990 by founder members Steven Young and Joe Kover, and performed their first ever full length live show in December 2007 in their hometown of Macclesfield. During the Otters’ long period in hiding they recorded over 150 songs with varying line-ups. Their self-named ‘Dreamrock’ style has evolved over the years but has always tasted unmistakably of the Magic Otters.

When the current band members came together in the summer of 2007 the Otters decided to transform themselves into a live band and perform songs old and new. The band’s live show features projected visuals created for each song by Steven Young.

The Magic Otters are currently recording a new album which features a half hour spacerock opera entitled “The Nobody Odyssey”. Live performances are planned for 2010. Watch this space. . .


Pink Floyd/Hawkwind/Gong/Radiohead/Kate Bush/Black Sabbath/Frank Zappa/Captain Beeheart/

Sunday at Ronnie’s will be a treat I’m sure. And as a taster for the gig, here’s the band in practice:

And another track for good measure:

Nobody Odyssey Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

To take a quote from another Otters band member, Fil Hill, from his website:

“Nobody will want to leave voluntarily”

It will be great. It will be worth spending a few hours watching and listening to a memorable performance.

See you there on Sunday. The show starts at 7pm. Don’t be late!


The heart of live entertainment in Macc

PS I’ve just heard that our former resident band the Virginmarys have had yet another huge step forward towards Rock superstardom. Their single Bang Bang Bang is the iTunes single of the week for the UK and the USA. How brilliant is that? Great news and thoroughly well deserved.

You can see the video for Bang Bang Bang at and don’t forget to buy the song from

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