More on the Virginmarys, a whole Summer’s worth of live stuff at Ronnie’s and recognising Joy Division’s contribution to Macclesfield and popular culture…..

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So it went astonishingly well for the Virginmarys supporting Slash. Slash even took to wearing a Virginmarys T-shirt on stage. They are that good even a Rock legend is in awe of them. It’s the end of an era in some ways though in that the Virginmarys will not be performing free gigs at Ronnie’s in the foreseeable future, probably never again, but who can blame them.

This is what they’ve been working towards so it’s the start of the next stage of their career, a couple of rungs further up the ladder for them and something they fully deserve so I can only say we were privileged to have them as our resident band for the last 12 months or so. They still come in and have a few drinks which is great but I, Martin and the rest of the team here wish them the very best of luck to combine with their phenomenal talent to give them a hugely successful career.

Who knows, one day the outdoor gigs at Ronnie’s, especially the ones in the middle of winter, when they struggled to move their fingers yet still sounded incredible, may go into Rock’n’Roll folklore. Onwards and upwards is the only thing left to say.

The Virginmarys will hopefully bring more recognition to this town as a hotbed of musical and artistic talent. This kind of brings me conveniently to mention a much overdue but very significant recognition of Joy Division and their connection and legacy to Macclesfield. Unknown Pleasures – The Life / Work of Ian Curtis / Joy Division – A Celebration / May – August 2010 is a new exhibition that will mark the 30 year anniversary of the death of the band’s lyricist and singer Ian Curtis, on 18th May 1980.

It is an in-depth look at the life and work of the singer and band that shaped the future of popular culture and will feature a serial chronology and items from the late 70s including original record sleeves, posters and handbills, as well as set lists, collectable vinyl singles and albums, music business memorabilia, and letters from Tony Wilson and band members to manager Rob Gretton.

For full details of this fantastic event which runs from 29th July to 9th August at the Sunday School Heritage Centre on Roe Street then go to their website .

Please support it and go along it will be well worth it.

Anyway from that, back to the live music at Ronnie’s. Open Mic on Tuesdays is buzzing again. A great crowd, some great talent performing just for a bit of fun or to try out some new stuff, combine to make it one of my favourite nights at the bar.

And the next few weeks sees a great line up of bands performing here. We’ve got the Hot Bananas playing on Sunday 18th July – they really are magnificent so well worth seeing. The following week on 25th July we’ve got the Bleatles, which is just pure quality Beatles covers with a few other classics from the late sixties thrown in for good measure. Five days after that on Friday 30th July we have a band called Culprit making a Ronnie’s debut, they have in their line up one of the founding members of Manchester superstars James, so I’m really looking forward to that one. Then on Saturday 7th August we have the utterly brilliant Carus Thomson back with us again.

All the way from Australia and he’s bringing a band with him this time so it shouldn’t be missed. A few days after that on Sunday 15th August we have another treat with The Magic Otters. Then a two week gap to a full day festival of great local bands on the August Bank Holiday Sunday (29th August) followed 24 hours later by the magnificent Chinese Marbles finishing the Bank Holiday off in style.

For full details of all live music at Ronnie’s keep checking the website at or better still register with us for free updates or become a Ronnie’s Facebook Fan at and we’ll let you know what’s going on that way.

It promises to be a great summer of live music here at Ronnie’s so bring it on and I look forward to seeing you here.


Wednesday 8th July 2010

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