World Cup, Andy Murray’s Semi, free Strawberries and Cream, Jugs for a tenner, but best of all the Virginmarys are supporting Slash

Posted on July 1, 2010 in Ronnie's News

Well what a week then. England dumped out of the World Cup by Germany – no real surprise considering the abject displays leading up to the match, but disappointing none the less. Andy Murray getting into the semi-finals at Wimbledon – again no real surprise, he is ranked fourth in the World and seeded four at Wimbledon so he’s bang on target. But all of that sporting stuff is nothing. The big news for everyone who frequents Ronnie’s has to be the Virginmarys supporting Slash in Manchester and Edinburgh this week.

We had the privilege of having the Virginmarys as the house band at Ronnie’s for a good few months. They always delivered. Every time they never failed to sound truly fucking amazing. I am so pleased for them and believe that this is their next significant step to huge success. All that hard work combined with their undoubted sublime talent is starting to really get them somewhere, and not an over inflated ego in site. I think that’s what makes them so tight as a band, they are three gifted musicians with fantastic respect for each other meaning that the sum of their talent equals just one truly awesome rock ‘n’ roll band.

And this kind of brings me back to the football. The England squad had a collection of superstars in its ranks but they just didn’t play as a team. Teamwork is essential in any walk of life, even Andy Murray has a team around him, he maybe the focal point of the team because he is the man with the talent but without his coaches, mentors, dieticians, etc he would not fulfil his talent.

This is why I won’t get into the blame game on what went wrong with the football; we all have our opinions on that. But a few things are for certain, it wasn’t because Capello isn’t English. It wasn’t because of Rooney or Green or any individual player. It was because collectively as a team, that’s from the FA Board through the management and coaches through to players, they failed to deliver. Their team ethic is all wrong at the moment. And we perpetuate this as a nation by highlighting individuals for over the top praise or condemnation. It has to stop but it won’t. The witch hunt will go on until we all collectively can blame one or two. Passing the buck onto individuals is the bedrock of the British way of life. We need someone to blame to make up for our own inadequacies. We are very poor at finding positives from bad situations.

A bad situation always has to be someone else’s fault. As a nation we seem to need someone or something to blame. Everything that goes wrong needs a simple answer. The economy – Gordon Brown. Unemployment – immigrants. Crime – binge drinking. Climate change – motorists. Of course it’s none of the above really. It’s a collective national effort that causes the problems and until we understand that, we will constantly lurch from boom to bust in every aspect of life. We should also recognise that in every problem there is an opportunity, but that just gets dismissed by the majority as simplistic self help shite. The solution to everything is respect for other people and a sense of responsibility for your own actions, remembering that everything you do has a consequence that will impact on somebody else, that could be positive or negative but it will still impact in some degree. Team sport teaches you this, but it’s always forgotten in the rest of life. The fact that Robert Green cocked up once overlooks the fact that the rest of the team didn’t bail him out and score more goals; the fact that Rooney had a poor tournament or that Terry was out of position for the first 2 German goals means that they didn’t pull together as a team to compensate. It was the team’s fault we didn’t progress not specific individuals.

At Ronnie’s we try and foster a team ethic because the primary role of all the staff at Ronnie’s is to ensure the customer has a good experience and will want to come back again. We have a team that hopefully all plays for each other. I bristle with pride when people tell me their positive experiences of the bar, I am hurt when they tell me any negatives but we always try to put it right by recognising where it could be better and working on improving it. You still need your superstar barman but he is nothing without someone making sure they have clean glassware to serve in. The brilliant DJ creating a superb happy atmosphere can’t do it if the place is a filthy shit tip. I’d like to think we’re a tight team like Virginmarys rather than a disparate collection of individuals like England, but if you think differently let me know ( and I guarantee that as a team we’ll make it right.

So moving onto this weekend’s entertainment, in addition to our brilliant DJs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday we are showing some fantastic football on the big screen in the courtyard. The World Cup quarter finals have some great games lined up. Holland v Brazil on Friday afternoon followed by Ghana v Uruguay in the evening. Then on Saturday it’s Argentina v Germany in the afternoon and Spain v Paraguay in the evening. The semi finals are next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings by the way with the final a week on Sunday.

And we’ll also be showing the tennis. Let’s hope Team Murray can get through the Friday semi final and make Sunday special by being in the final. Wouldn’t that be great, a British player in the Wimbledon final all shown outdoors on our big screen in Dukes Court. If he does by the way it will be free Strawberries and Cream for everyone that day and jugs of Pimm’s for just a tenner.

See you soon. 


Thursday 1 July 2010

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