World Cup 2010 – It’s only England v Germany!

Posted on June 24, 2010 in Ronnie's News

It’s the draw that no one wanted (Well.. apart from Argentina or Portugal I suppose..) as England take on Germany in the 2010 World Cup ‘Round of 16′.

And Ronnie’s Bar will be showing this and every game LIVE in Duke’s Court with their huge TV screen out in the courtyard alonsgise all the atmosphere being pumped through the best soundsystem in Macclesfield.

And if the Slovenia game is anything to go by, when England play the World Cup doesn’t just mean vuvuzelas!

Kick off is at 3.00pm on Sunday but we advise people to come down early if they want to ensure a seat before the match.

And why not give us a call about our VIP room?

Even though we’re playing Germany, we’ll still have the Becks on tap, and Italy dropping out hasn’t stopped us serving Peroni so why not join us for the big games and help us keep our fingers crossed that we don’t go to the dreaded penalties this time.

Who knows.. Perhaps history will repeat itself in a good way!

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