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Posted on March 26, 2010 in Ronnie's News

The budget won’t stop the FREE quality entertainment and excellent drinks at Ronnie’s

So another budget and, of course, yet another increase in duty on booze and fags. And yet some of the papers say it was a good budget because we’re taking more from the rich. Utter bollocks really. I can never see how increasingly taxing the wealth creators, i.e. high earners, at a higher rate than low earners is fair or even a good thing. Envy is such a negative emotion, and pandering to the lowest common denominator of financial envy maybe a vote winner but its based on negativity and doesn’t impress me at all. It stifles ambition and punishes success for a start.

Anyway, getting back to booze and fags. It’s an easy government revenue target because lots of people still want to buy booze and fags. People want to go out and have a good time, so the government (and that’s any government regardless of political persuasion) have always wanted a greater share of that. It’s an easy kill for them.

Of course they justify these duty tax hikes with scaremongering on health issues and by propagating and perpetuating the myth that anyone who likes a drink is a low life binge drinking thug who’s idea of a good night out is to neck 20 blue WKDs and have a mass brawl. So therefore you will pay more tax to partake in these filthy habits to cover the associated costs to the NHS, police, etc. But they forget to point out that the money raised in duty on booze and fags contributes far more to the economy than it takes out.

Binge drinking has always existed; it’s not a new phenomenon. Violent drunks have always existed too, but the vast majority of people who go out and enjoy a few drinks are not violent. Yes violent mindless drunks exist, but they are a tiny minority. And besides there is absolutely no evidence to support that raising taxes on drink will reduce drunken violence.

I am not trying to belittle the damage that the violent minority can cause, I was just trying to point out that raising duty on drinks isn’t a way of combating them it’s just an easy way of taking more tax off us all. Far better to combat the violence that this tiny minority can inflict is more awareness and education for people to try and help them understand the implications and potential consequences of violent actions. And if that doesn’t work, lock them up for a long time. The excellent Price Of A Punch campaign, which was started as a direct result of the tragic death of Neil MacDonald in Macclesfield last year, needs mentioning here. It has a dual mission which is to try and make everybody think that a single punch could kill somebody. Just think about that for a moment, just one punch could kill someone and wreak havoc on the lives of that person’s friends and family for ever. It is also campaigning for tougher sentences on violent offenders. Keeping these violent people off the streets will be far more effective at combating crime and disorder than raising taxes on alcohol. So please sign up to the  petition it’s a campaign worthy of every decent person’s support. And it won’t cost you anything to support it either.

Getting back to the budget once again, I will be looking long and hard at the implications of this budget on our bar prices and will try and minimise or offset passing on any price increases as much as possible.

The budget though will not prevent us from continuing to supply you with excellent free live entertainment at Ronnie’s. Friday night, or One Night at Ronnie’s as it is now known, batters out great music from DJs Bert and Brighty and offers some superb free stuff as well and generates a great lively and friendly atmosphere. Last week it was an impromptu bar top pouring of free liquor shots into the mouths of anyone who was close and lucky enough and giving out free hot crispy duck pancakes. This week, it’s going to be… well you’ll just have to come down and find out.

Then on Saturday night we’ve got One Stop Beyond – a weekly offering of classic, rare and forgotten hits with a musical journey through hiphop, soul, funk, new disco, ska, indie and rock but keeping a feelgood factor throughout brought to you by our resident funk soul brother Steeve Mac. Saturday nights at Ronnie’s, especially in the spring and summer are legendary, and Steeve never fails to create a fantastic party.

And finally on Sunday, we have live Premiership football (if you watch it here you can play our predictor game to win free beer) on the plasma screens in the afternoon followed by live rock music from the wonderful Merchants of Cool in the evening.

All of the above will be supplemented as usual by our superb range of freshly prepared cocktails plus Macclesfield’s largest range of premium spirits, excellent beers and quality wines served by our premium bar and table staff. With not a poisonous alcopop in site, what more could you possibly ask for?

See you soon


Thursday 25th March 2010

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