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Posted on March 12, 2010 in Ronnie's News




Free Beer and Value For Money

Funny old thing running a bar, not many in this industry actually take the time to ask their customers what they want or would like from you. Obviously you have a good idea at first but you need more than just a general idea to develop a long term relationship with people. To keep providing the very best you need to know how to make things better, get into the detail of things, on how to consistently deliver the goods time after time.

So that’s why we’ve started asking you what you like and dislike about with our customer survey. The results so far have been very interesting and on the whole pleasing. And we are taking on board what you’re telling us, rectifying and improving where necessary. After all if you’ve taken the trouble to point out something you’re don’t like it would be a complete folly to ignore it and do nothing about it, wouldn’t it?

I do have to point out one thing here a small number of respondents mentioned they would like cheaper prices from us. It’s a funny thing but a lower price doesn’t necessarily give you better value for money. Because we only sell quality wines, spirits and beers you then have to ask are we price competitive for the quality and range of products we sell? And the answer has to be a resounding yes. To match the quality and range of the stuff we sell you would have to go to a premium bar in Manchester or another major city and you can rest assured that we are not charging city centre prices. Then you have to look at all the free entertainment we provide with your quality drinks. Free entertainment like superb DJs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, local live bands twice a week, Open Mic Night, live football and rugby on our plasma screens, even down to our simple and addictive bar games like Connect 4 and Jenga. Not to mention the fact that we are open ‘til 2am from Sunday to Wednesday and ‘til 3am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and have the best security staff in town. All of that is free to you and comes as part of the entertainment package that is Ronnie’s. So the question then is do we offer value for money? And if you take all of that into account, I would defy anybody to say that we don’t.

Anyway, talking of football on our plasma screens. It appears that most people surveyed didn’t realise we showed all Premiership, Champions League, FA Cup, Europa League and international matches in the bar. Well we have kept it low key so far but now that we’re getting to the business end of the season it’s all getting very exciting so we are starting to tell everyone we are showing it. The Premiership is the most exciting it’s ever been with a three way battle for the title and a four way battle for the final Champions League place and there are at least six teams trying to avoid the drop. There are still three English teams left in the Champions League which for at least one of them generates a lot of local interest. And all of this in build up to the summer when we have the World Cup to look forward to. I’ll give you more exciting news on that in a week or so.

We are showing all the major games and have devised a great Predictor Game to add the thrill of winning pints of beer to the whole mix. Up to four pints to be precise can be won at any one time and its simple to play so you don’t have to have a great eye for detail and have encyclopaedic Motsonian knowledge of the game to play. It’s open to anyone. On top of that we are also giving away free snacks throughout the game. Visit for a fuller explanation and T&Cs or much better would be to come down and find out the detail at the bar.

So the games we are showing this weekend are:


12:45 Spurs v Blackburn

15:00 A choice of Birmingham v Everton; Stoke v Villa or Chelsea v West Ham

17:30 Hull v Arsenal


13:30 United v Fulham

16:00 Sunderland v City

Then on Monday at 20:00 you can see Liverpool v Portsmouth.

The rest of the weekend is the usual superb outdoor party atmosphere generated by Bert & Brighty’s One Night at Ronnie’s tonight and the ultimate quality Saturday night set from Steeve Mac tomorrow.

I just have to finish by saying that the Live music on Sunday is from Tornado Style. Now I have to confess that I haven’t heard them yet but my colleague Martin has and he booked them on the strength of the one hearing. They came recommended to us by the highly esteemed Joe Roberts, so I can only say that if Joe rates them they must be good, so check them out for yourselves.

At the risk of repeating myself all of this is free entertainment for Ronnie’s customers, which is why we are the Heart of Entertainment in Macc.

See you soon


Friday 12th March 2010

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