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Posted on January 28, 2010 in Ronnie's News

January is a shit month for me. It’s a cold and dour winter month. Christmas is long gone, You make ridiculous promises to yourself in the form of New Year Resolutions, then make ridiculous excuses to yourself for not sticking to them. January is also a month when for the salaried folk its been around six weeks since you last got paid just before Christmas and you’ve just received your Christmas credit card bills. So it’s up to bars like Ronnie’s to try and help you forget all of that.

So on top of the usual high standards of entertainment we provide at Ronnie’s I’ve decided to shamelessly swipe an idea I came across when I was in Atlanta at the end of last year. Tasting Flights originated in the wine industry and are defined as multiple tastings of in order to develop understanding and breadth of the drinks. 

Flights at Ronnie’s are offering you the chance to try multiple tastings of spirits and cocktails to develop and appreciate the range of spirits and drinks we offer at Ronnie’s. No bar in Macclesfield has a bigger range of premium spirits and liqueurs than we do. So we’d like to try and find ways of helping you start to explore the full range of spirits we sell.  

There are five flights available:

Rum flights, vodka flights, gin flights, whiskey flights and tequila flights. Each flight costs £20 and if you take all five flights before the end of February 2010 you can claim a free flight of your choice.

Each flight consists of four drinks based on each spirit, for example the RonAir Rum Flight is:  

Daiquiri – This classic drink dates back to 1896 in Santiago, Cuba. A blend of Pampero Rum, freshly squeezed lime juice and sugar, a concoction enjoyed all over the world. We make our daiquiris to your own preference. Blended, straight up, with extra fruit, simply ask the bar tender.

Dark and Stormy – The national drink of Bermuda. This deliciously spicy drink contains Pampero rum, Fentimans ginger beer, lime and sugar.

Mojito – Originating from Cuba as their variant on the mint julep. Enjoy fresh mint leaves, lime, sugar and lots of Rum for one of the world’s greatest and most refreshing cocktails

Caipirissima – Made in the style of the Brazilian cocktail Caipirinha, this ‘daiquiri style’ drink is built in a rocks glass with muddled fresh limes, sugar and Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum to give a rustic edge.

So the rum flight at Ronnie’s takes you to Cuba and Bermuda for the origins of the cocktails but also takes you to Venezuela for the origin of the superb Pampero rum.

The  RonAir vodka Flight is:

Moscow Mule – Created in New York in 1941 the mix of Smirnoff  Black Label Vodka, Fentimans ginger beer and fresh lime juice is simply a classic spicy long cocktail.

Ciroc Kiwi Martini – Ciroc is French vodka distinguished from others by the fact it is derived from grapes. It is distilled 5 times and is therefore one of the purest around. Fresh kiwis are muddled and shaken with the vodka for an invigorating, fresh take on the classic martini.

Cosmopolitan – Sex And The City made this cocktail a massive favourite with women everywhere. The balance of Smirnoff Black label Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and fresh lime is simply magnificent.

Polish Martini – Created by legendary contemporary mixologist Dick Bradsell for his Polish father in law, made with Zubrowka bison grass vodka, Krupnick honey liqueur and apple juice is a Ronnie’s favourite.

So this flight takes you to New York, France and Poland for the origins of the cocktails and to Moscow, Warsaw and the Cognac region of France for the origins of the spirits and liqueurs.

Hopefully you get the picture of what they are about.

The next thing you need to do is to buy a RonAir Flight Boarding Pass at the bar for £20, they look like this:

As you take each drink on the pass we stamp the circle next to it. Once you have completed the card we take the completed pass off you and give you back the right hand side of the ticket. If you complete all five flights then bring in all the completed stubs and we’ll give you a free flight, yes completely free of charge, of your choice.

It’s all very simple but if there’s anything you don’t quite follow just pop into the bar and our fantastic team of mixologists, bar tenders and table staff will take you through it.

Enjoy your flights!


Thursday 28th January 2010

For people who appreciate quality

PS The weekend starts tonight with Steeve Mac’s Soultastic til 3am. Then tomorrow we’ve got Brighty and Paul’s eclectic mix of tunes and beats from old skool hip hop to indie. And on Saturday night it’s the magnificent Steeve Mac again with the best Saturday night party you could hope for.

PPS On Saturday evening from 5pm you can watch the mighty pinks of Palermo (our adopted Serie A football team from Sicily) play Bari and enjoy a fantastic gourmet pizza with a bottle of Sicilian white wine for just £10. We’ve adopted Palermo as our team because they are not one of the usual Italian teams you’d think of choosing, they have a really cool pink kit and our new fantastic dry and crisp house white wine is from Sicily.

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