Free Pizza at Ronnie’s

Posted on January 6, 2010 in Ronnie's News

How do you improve on what already has the reputation as one of the best venues in town? That was the question that faced Ronnie Rees, owner of Ronnie’s Bar in Duke’s Court, Macclesfield.

“We always want to continue to improve on the experience our regulars have here at the bar” Ronnie said “We are constantly upgrading the facilities, from the addition of a new bar area last year to recent improvements to our live music staging area which we think makes it the best in Macclesfield.”

The bar had been developing its reputation for food over the past year, and decided one way to add even more enjoyment to everyone’s evening was simply to make it free.

Pizza SliceSo Ronnie’s Bar is now offering free freshly prepared gourmet pizza for all customers between 5.00pm and 9.00pm.

“We launched a similar initiative in January last year” said Ronnie. “It proved to be incredibly successful and some people even cancelled their plans for dinner elsewhere to stick around in the bar and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and live entertainment.

Last year saw high quality tapas on offer to all customers, and Ronnie’s is keeping the Mediterranean feel with the new range of pizza.

“People are back at work and looking to have some fun in the evenings, so why not come along with your friends or colleagues straight after work. And with our new heating system, you can even eat al-fresco in the courtyard in comfort. Snow or no snow.

“We also have live music several evenings a week and have developed a real reputation as a ‘grown-up’ place to go out in Macclesfield.

“Apparently there’s no such thing as a free lunch but the pizza is certainly on us.”

Ronnie’s Bar has already established itself as a prime location for a great night out with the best DJs in town, top quality live music, table service, superb freshly prepared cocktails, fine beers, wines and spirits.

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