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Posted on December 16, 2009 in Ronnie's News

…there should be no other reason….


Last Sunday, at Ronnie’s, we provided the best antidote to manufactured commercial pop music, we had the Chinese Marbles gigging here. So instead of staying in and watching the X Factor final you could have seen a great live gig. The Chinese Marbles were on superb form. They are a fantastic live show, they really love performing, are great entertainers and extremely accomplished musicians

Rage against the MachineConsequently their live performances are a treat and they always bring a smile to my face. Meanwhile if you like your music pre packaged and sickly sweet then X Factor was for you. Millions of people watched and tuned in, so it obviously works for some people and makes stars for five minutes out of the contestants and a star for a week or so for the winner, but its mainstream entertainment for the here today, gone tomorrow mentality that permeates modern society. So in that sense it works.

But that brings me on to the latest Rage Against the Machine vs. Joe whatever his name is ‘battle for Christmas number 1’ bollocks that’s currently preoccupying the media, not just the tabloid media either.

 It makes a great story, the sweary rockers head to head with the slightly camp clean cut boy next door winner of television’s pop talent show. But of course it’s all a great marketing ploy to get people buying more music. By manipulating and polarising opinion in this way the record label (both are signed to Sony) are just cleverly boosting sales for themselves. They win which ever way so they are just not arsed who eventually gets to the top. This sales boosting tactic has worked for as long as I can remember and beyond that as well – think Beatles vs. Stones, Oasis vs. Blur as two obvious examples.

However there is a difference this time around. The debate doesn’t seem to be about who makes the best music. It seems to be centred on negativity. Stopping Cowell’s X Factor winner or stopping the rude rockers who use derivations of the word fuck a few times in their song. I can’t blame either artist for getting caught up in the hype as after all it’s their careers and they want to sell cds/downloads, but for fucks sake if you’re going to buy one or the other buy it because you like it not because you dislike the other intensely.

So on to positive things at Ronnie’s. We’re now getting well and truly into the festive season. Each night for the next two weeks we will be providing live entertainment, either a DJ or live music. It kicks off tonight with the superb Boogiemen, a nine piece soul and blues band complete with brass section. They have big shoes to fill following the Marbles last Sunday, but I’m certain they will. It should be another superb live show. The full running order for the next fortnight can be found at . The Boogiemen are on from 8pm and it is free entry as usual.

I’d also like to remind you that we have two nights of extended opening, Christmas Eve we are serving ‘til 4am and New Year’s Eve we are serving ‘til 5am. Maximum festive season entertainment providing maximum value is the order of the day. All nights are free entry apart from New Year’s Eve. The NYE party at Ronnie’s has two levels of entry, either a VIP entry for £10 or a standard £5 entry. The VIP tickets are limited to just 20 and guarantee you a seat at a table in Ronnie’s Lounge. And if four or more of you book at the same time we will throw in a free bottle of bubbly too. Details are at

New Year’s Eve at Ronnie’s will be a fantastic party, with our Saturday night regular DJ Steeve Mac spinning the tunes, a midnight countdown spectacular. There will also be hot food available. If you’re going out this really is the only place to go for great drinks and great entertainment.

Looking forward to seeing you.


Wednesday 16th December 2009

For people who appreciate quality

PS And one more thing, tomorrow (Thursday) we will install our new outdoor heating system for your additional comfort. As you know we are constantly trying to improve our standards, keeping you warm and dry outside is a major part of this so this new system will be even better than the current one. Of course you’ll notice this when you get here, but I just wanted to let you know.

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