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Posted on November 6, 2009 in Ronnie's News

My Message from America – in Memory of Patrick Swayze and

 Celebrating Lean, Mean George Foreman and Frankie Boyle…


I’m away for a few days in the States, on a kind of working holiday, the results of which should become apparent over the next week or so.

USA-Maps-CoverNeedless to say I spent most of the time on the 9 hour flight yesterday reading. Frankie Boyle’s autobiography My Shit Life So Far is a very funny and worthwhile read. Frankie is of course a comedian and his humour is sometimes perceived to be a bit sick and quite a negative view of things. I have to say that if you take some of his jokes and anecdotes in isolation that maybe true, but the book gives a little more understanding to how he views the world and the dark side of his humour is actually often making a valid well thought out point, not always but more often than not.


Anyway, the main thing I took from the book apart from it being exceptionally funny was a point when Frankie completely split an audience one night with his stand up yet Frankie still believed he had done a great gig, because half the audience loved him. Like all good comedians Frankie has an edge to him. It was this particular point in his career that he realised that he didn’t need the people that hated him if enough people loved him. He could just ignore the haters. It makes sense of course. And it’s a philosophy that you have to put into everyday use if you are going to be successful. Of course you don’t want anyone to hate you but you have to accept that some people will like you more than others. So you should spend time pleasing the people who like you and work hard at developing that relationship to make sure they keep on liking you.


At Ronnie’s we simply focus on the people who appreciate quality. You can see this with our drinks (no liquid poison alcopops for instance), our food (no reheated pre-packaged food) and our music policies. The DJs know that they have a broad church of music from which to play. We do play an eclectic range of music but we don’t and won’t play Drum & Bass or mainstream house music. We don’t need the people who are attracted to that sort of music. Our audience at the weekends enjoys the atmosphere our DJs create so why try and change it for something else that would attract a different crowd? We have changed tack a little on Thursday nights with Soultastic but that was to try and bring the older more discerning people back into town to counter the youthful house music and cheap drinks culture that has dominated Macclesfield on a Thursday night since the beginning of this year. So far it’s working. The feedback has been tremendous. Northern Soul has a huge demand and we’re providing a specific time and place for it.


Our live music policy is similar too. We want as much original music as possible. We don’t want a procession of bands whose sets which cover a wide range of music styles, eg Arctic Monkeys covers segued into Abba covers that they somehow manage to make all sound just the same. If you want that sort of music you know where to go to get it, it’s just not at Ronnie’s. We will have bands that play covers, but not obvious covers and they will invariably be interspersed with their own original stuff. For instance Manhud, who are playing in Ronnie’s Live Lounge on Sunday are one such band. Full on funk, rhythm & blues, the last time they played here they did a Led Zep cover followed by a Kool and the Gang cover. And they sounded awesome as they are all fantastic musicians. Well worth a look in on Sunday. And they simply love playing. Utterly great value for you too as it’s free to get in, as usual.


We have a load of great gigs lined up over the coming weeks and you can check them out at but the one I’m really looking forward to is Purple Haze on 22nd November. This is more of a mini festival rather than a gig and is taking place to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Week. It has been organised by a team of local people all of whom have lost loved ones to Pancreatic Cancer. And if you didn’t know Patrick Swayze recently passed away after suffering from this particular cancer. It will be £5 in with all of the proceeds from the door going to the charity. And for your money you will be treated to most of the best of Macclesfield’s local talent, from Rough Twist to the Bleatles to the headlining Virginmarys. The gig will start at 12 noon and finish at 10pm.


The full line up for the gig will be revealed on the posters that will be springing up in Ronnie’s and around town. Needless to say if you support local music and want to make a small donation to a worthwhile cause then Purple Haze must not be missed.


1_georgeforemanFinally, just to get back to Atlanta, Georgia, where I am at this moment in time, I was at an Audience With George Foreman today. You know the two times World Heavyweight Champion and of the Lean Mean Grillin’ Machine fame (which incidentally is the World’s biggest ever selling electrical appliance). He was truly inspiring. A man who built himself up from nothing to become the Champion of the World and a very rich man, to losing the crown and subsequently squandering all of his wealth, only to build himself up again to regain the World Championship at the age of 45. Then the grill stuff which has made him extremely wealthy again, in fact a hell of a lot wealthier than the first time (he does have 10 kids so he needs to be I suppose). He had the hunger and drive to keep going when all was against him. He defeated the negative doubters through his own self belief and mental toughness. He finished by saying that it is OK to fail if you truly give it your best effort, then learn from your mistakes to start all over again. Ronnie’s works to this principle. We are always trying to improve, to add value and entertainment in order to give our guests a fantastically good time. Some things work and some things don’t, but we keep trying to find things that work for you, we are not put off by the things that don’t work, it just inspires us to do better. There are snipers and people trying to copy us but we just keep on delivering new ideas as we are only interested in trying to provide quality, whether that’s food, drink or entertainment. Without that quality we would be just another bar, and that just wouldn’t be good enough for you.


Of a couple of the latest new ideas, I would love to know what you think of Beat The Meat on Thursdays and the free daytime parking or better still just try them out soon, then let us know.


Enjoy the weekend and the week ahead at Ronnie’s. The new menu is awesome, the new cocktails are delicious, the DJs are superb and the bands are wonderful.


See you soon


Thursday 5th Nov 2009

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