Free Parking at Ronnies

Posted on November 2, 2009 in Ronnie's News

Parking charges are a hot issue in Macclesfield at the moment, and as we approach the Christmas shopping period, more and more people will want to leave their cars in town to hit the shops.

With Christmas expensive enough, any help with something as irritating as Parking fees would be helpful to everyone. But luckily, help is at hand thanks to a local businessman. Ronnie Rees has secured a section of Duke’s Street car park and is offering use of it for free to shoppers throughout November and December, even up to the end of year sales.

“Reading in the paper last about how much people are having to pay to park in the town centre was shocking.” Said Ronnie, owner of Ronnie’s Bar in Duke’s Court. “We knew that part of this car-park was available to rent, so made a few calls and were able to take on a part of it as ours to offer to our customers to use for free.”

Ronnies Car Park 2

This is not the first time Ronnie has taken a stand for drivers against car park charges. “A few months ago we offered people money off food in the bar if they brought in an old parking ticket.

We don’t want to see Macclesfield Town Centre strangled by these high prices, so decided that anything we can do to help, we’d take a serious look at it.”

 So from the start of November until the end of December, anyone looking for a free parking space in Macclesfield Town centre can visit the bar to be given access to the secure segment of Duke’s Court.

“We’ll not be able to fit everyone in, as I’m sure the offer of free parking will be very popular, but if we are full at any point, we’ll certainly see what we can do to help people out.

And when people come back into the bar for a coffee after they have done their shopping, we’ll throw in a free mince pie to help everyone get further into the Christmas spirit.”

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