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Posted on October 29, 2009 in Ronnie's News

I’ve had a bad cold. Man flu if you prefer. But I’ve been ill. It meant that I’ve seen a bit of prime time TV over the last few days. The things that caught my eye on the telly were X Factor (both Saturday and Sunday for heavens sake) and on Tuesday a BBC programme called Make Me White.


Make Me White was presented by the gorgeous Anita Rani. Anita has grown up in Britain and is proud of her Indian heritage. However what she cannot fathom is the obsession by a sizeable number of people of Indian descent who wishes to lighten the colour of their skin. Until I saw the programme I had no idea that there was such a widespread view with people of colour that lighter is more beautiful.


Consequently there are a host of skin whitening products available on the market, some legal and some illegal, to cater for this demand. Anita’s own mother was one with such views. Anyway, regardless to say Anita isn’t one with such a view and she cannot understand the need to try and radically change your skin colour for the sake of a beauty myth. And she put an interesting programme together to expose the hazards and futility of such beliefs. I am of the same belief as Anita. That’s not to say I don’t suit a suntan, I do.


What I’m getting at is I, like many people I know, celebrate diversity. It’s what makes life interesting. Meeting people of different colours, cultures and backgrounds, with different beliefs and views makes life interesting and broadens your outlook. It should be celebrated as it always brings about positive change for the better.


X Factor was a different story. By far the most talented singer on this year’s show is Danyl. He ended up in the bottom two this week singing to stay in the competition. Danyl apparently has alienated the public because he is too cocky, over confident and is prone to diva like tantrums.


All this has allegedly been reported in The Sun, so it must be true. So, according to the tabloids he presents a whole host of reasons for the public to not vote for him in a singing competition, but not one of them is anything to do with his singing because he is not only a good singer he has a unique style to go with it. On the other hand the comedy act, John and Edward (aka Jedward), who are quite truly abysmal singers, supposedly received the most votes this week.


The public it appears likes them because they are nice boys, a bit of fun and good general entertainment. But they are not fucking singers. They just don’t have the raw talent to be anything more than a joke act. I suppose the fault lies with the programme to an extent. It’s a programme that creates celebrities through public votes based on slow motion emotion, tears and dead relatives (its what me dad/mam/nan/granddad would have wanted) rather than creating true pop stars through their singing talent. In other words the singing is secondary to the TV show. Which is why I advocate always go out on a Saturday night, because watching that sort of mind numbing shite week in week out would send you crazy.


This is why we try and provide excellent entertainment at Ronnie’s to give you reasons to come out of the house and celebrate diversity and quality in equal large measures. This week already has been another top week and it promises to get even better. We had another great Open Mic session on Tuesday. And yesterday we had the Toni & Guy Fashion Show early doors followed later on by the utterly superb Virginmarys performing in our Live Lounge.


Both showcased local talent at its best. Tonight its Soultastic with Steeve Mac, tomorrow night its Paul Hibbert and Brighty with a DJ masterclass. Saturday night its Steeve Mac again with a Halloween special (and a not to be missed Trick or Treat Bar in the courtyard). Then on Sunday we close the week with the genius talent of Chris Birdsall performing in Ronnie’s Live Lounge. X factor may generate here today on Strictly Come Dancing tomorrow celebrities, but real musical talent doesn’t use this forum to get noticed. It involves combining undoubted talent with hard graft performing whenever and wherever you can until you get noticed. And Ronnie’s is just one venue that likes to give talent a platform to get noticed. Check out for listings of what’s on over the next month or so.


And on top of all the entertainment talent we have on show. We will continue to push boundaries on the mixology front with a few new cocktails to add to the superb favourites on the current list. See the boards or menus in the bar areas for details. A new food menu launch tomorrow, which includes a quite superb 8oz Ribeye steak with café de paris butter and handcut chips (now cooked in beef dripping). I’ve just had to sample it – it was magnificent and at £8.50 it is quite fantastic value.

 Ronnies Car Park 1 web

I’ve also got some great news for shoppers coming in to town over the next two months as well. I’ve managed to secure an area of the Duke Street Car Park which I will let people use for free, yes free unlimited time period parking in the town centre. There is a slight catch in that you need to come into Ronnie’s to be let in and out of it, so we would like you to buy at least a cup of coffee (even if it’s a take away) for the privilege of free town centre parking (but you will get a free mince pie with that!) and there is only room for about 15 or so cars, so it is first come first served. We want it to be a great festive season for the Macclesfield economy as a whole so we want people to come into town without the fear of parking tickets putting blight on the season of goodwill.


See you soon.




Thursday 29th October 2009

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