Why it has to be Ian Curtis…….

Posted on October 14, 2009 in Ronnie's News

Why it has to be Ian Curtis…….

Yesterday at Ronnie’s we hosted the October meeting for the Macclesfield Guild & Chamber of Trade, which (if you didn’t already know) is an organisation set up for traders and members of the public to promote and enhance the image of Macclesfield. They are active in a number of worthy initiatives, but the one I want to draw attention to today is one that Guild committee members Eric Rogers and Val Lloyd recently promoted in the Macc Express. It was the feature that was asking who would Maxonians like to immortalise in stone ( http://www.macclesfield-express.co.uk/news/s/1138260_which_maxonian_would_you_immortalise_in_stone )

What Eric and Val are campaigning for is to develop Wellington Walk to connect the listed buildings of the Heritage Centre, the Salvation Army Citadel and Christ Church. The idea is not to wait for a possible town centre development but to do it now using ‘recession’ cash to double the width of the existing Wellington Street and line it with trees, benches and a statue of a person from Macclesfield’s history or maybe several statues of worthy Maxonians if cash will stretch that far.

Ian CurtisAnyway what I am getting to is that in my opinion the statue should be of Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Joy Division are a hugely iconic band who have influenced many and are of huge value to the town. In the same way that Liverpool rebuilt itself on the legacy of the Beatles, Macclesfield could and should rebuild itself on the legacy of Joy Division. As you know my bar is very prominent on the live music scene in Macc and I frequently champion the local talent that performs here.

Music and performance by original artists is hugely important to Ronnie’s and to the town in general. There are many very talented musicians living here and we feel that a few of them have the talent go on to national prominence, Virginmarys, Rambo & Leroy, Butterfly Jam and Chris Birdsall to name a few. By building a statue of Ian Curtis, a man with worldwide fame and influence who tragically took his own life in 1980, Macclesfield will be making a huge statement in recognising its recent history and the importance of music to the town.

It will attract people from far and wide, far more than Debenhams could ever hope to do. And giving people a reason to visit the town is surely what Macclesfield and the local economy needs. People coming into to town will benefit all local traders, businesses and the general public. It will not just generate a feeling of pride but also give additional national significance to the local bands that have chosen music as their career. Liverpool has a reputation as a musically creative city because of the legacy left to it by the Beatles. Macclesfield could do the same if it embraces the legacy left to it by Joy Division.

And one more thing, we need the Council to act fast on this. It would be superb if an announcement for the go ahead to build Wellington Walk, with the Ian Curtis statue as its centre piece, could be made on May 16th 2010 when the Silk Heritage Trust runs its Joy Division Festival. You may have read about this in the Macc Express a few weeks ago but here’s the link to remind you about it http://www.macclesfield-express.co.uk/news/s/1124961_town_set_to_stage_first_joy_division_festival

Back to live music at Ronnie’s. Tonight we’ve got the superb Rook and The Ravens performing. I mentioned this last week but it is well worth mentioning again. They are well worth seeing. Then on Sunday we’ve got the Bridgewater Blues Band. Wedged in between this we’ve got our usual superb DJs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then Open Mic as usual on Tuesday followed up by the utterly brilliant Butterfly Jam on Wednesday 21st. Further details on all our live stuff can be found at http://www.ronnies-bar.co.uk/live/ . All of this entertainment for free, what more could you ask for?

See you soon


Wednesday 14th October 2009  


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