Sunday is the last day for your free glass of wine at Ronnie’s

Posted on October 8, 2009 in Ronnie's News

Sunday is the last day for your free glass of wine at Ronnie’s, meanwhile.

I don’t know what happened to the weather on Tuesday but it really did put a dampener on things. Well everything apart from the Loop Evening at the bar. It started with a great short movie about the making of the Joy Division biopic, Control. It really was well put together and got the 50 or so people who turned up in the right mood for a great evening, which centred on poetry. Yes poetry and it was excellent too. Two parts of the Fourpenny Circus – Joy Winkler and John Lindley – treated us to some, as stated on their website ( ), intellectual Viagra. It was well worth braving the weather for it. And they performed outside, under cover of course with additional heating, in the wonderful setting of Dukes Court.

The Loop, who by the way put on regular events at the bar, really is worth knowing. If you don’t already know The Loop is an arts and culture e-guide to what’s on in Macclesfield. The guide is supplemented by a superb blog as well and they cover everything of cultural significance that’s happening in Macc. So that doesn’t just involve stuff we’re putting on at Ronnie’s though we naturally feature in it quite a bit because we are of cultural significance. Check out for further information and to sign up.

Dukes Court lends itself perfectly to live performance. The acoustics are superb and our sound system is phenomenal. We are starting to develop a great reputation for original live music in Macc. The regular live spots are Open Mic on a Tuesday, which this week saw some great new performers get up and play as well as some of the regular favourites. Wednesday, which this week saw a superb Ronnie’s debut for Michaela and of course Sundays.

This Sunday will see our resident band the Virginmarys performing. It’s their first Sunday gig here for a while. They performed in Manchester at the Deaf Institute last Monday, I couldn’t make it down but Chris, our chef, did and tells me they were magnificent. So expect more of their superb live stuff here on Sunday from 7pm. Their new album launches soon so I’ll keep you posted about the events that will surround that. It really is exciting times for them so we’re naturally delighted that a band of their up and coming stature is our resident band.

Ronnies Blog Band

On Wednesday at Ronnie’s next week we have Rook and the Ravens. I am really looking forward to this one. They come from Glossop I believe and have been performing in and around Manchester for quite a while now. They have developed quite a following too, and are now gigging all over the country, so its something of a coup for our growing reputation as a live music venue that we have them booked in here. It will be a great night. If you need to know more about them or listen to their gritty Americana sound in advance of the gig here then go to and check them out. Well worth it.

A full listing of all upcoming gigs at Ronnie’s can be found at . Exciting times ahead and I can promise you it will only get better and better as there are some fantastic bands clamouring to get a gig here. By the way if you are interested in a gig at Ronnie’s or know of a band interested in gigging here please contact me through the website  or simply pop down on a Tuesday night and show us what you can do at Open Mic night.

The final thing for this week is to let you know that Sunday, between 1pm and 6pm, is the last day of the Free Glass of Wine offer, so don’t miss out on that. We are also offering a free shot for everyone on Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm and 2am. You have to text in for that one so please check out the notices around the venue for details of what to do. The text will be charged at your standard rate there are no additional charges by the way.

Other than that I’ll be at the Rugby Club on Saturday for the game against Waterloo. The lads have got off to a great start, top of the league after 5 games and looking strong. If you don’t manage to get down to the club on Saturday you can always catch the match highlights plus after the game interviews exclusively at Ronnie’s on Wednesday a couple of hours before the gig from 6.30pm.

See you over the weekend for our usual mix of great DJs, great cocktails, great location and great atmosphere.


Thursday 8th October 2009  

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