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Posted on October 2, 2009 in Ronnie's News


I’m trying to get myself more organised. I’ve worked out a weekly schedule of what I intend to do each day. It’s an attempt to eliminate the things I get bogged down with, delegate the tasks I don’t like and focus on the things I do like doing, which it has to be said is mainly marketing (it’s not sad it’s what I like doing best).


I’ve even found myself a space where I get minimal distractions so I can get on with it. It’s all about taking control and driving my life the way I want to do things. Action and implementation is the only way forward.


Talking of action and implementation, what are the Tories doing in Macc? I don’t want to get party political so I won’t bore you with my views on any particular party or their policies. But I have to make a point about the candidates the Tories are putting forward to take over from Nick Winterton at the next election. Who are they?


What relevance do they have to Macclesfield? On close inspection it looks like no relevance whatsoever. Alright one of them was born here but hasn’t lived here for at least the whole of the time I have (23 years or so). If either of the other main parties has any sense they will pick candidates with strong local credentials who know the area and the issues affecting it.


If they manage that then the supposedly Tory safe seat of Macclesfield could become a proper contest based on representing the town and the people who live here and not on whether Cameron can outspin Brown or vice versa. Macclesfield is obviously considered by the Tory party to be a safe seat for them, so maybe they feel they can put anybody up and they’ll get elected just because they are a Tory.


My personal view is that Nick Winterton worked very hard as a constituency MP first and foremost and made it into a safe seat for him by his actions rather than a safe seat for the party he represents.


This would be rather like me thinking that because we are currently the busiest and best bar in town for grown ups it will always be that way regardless of what we sell and do. Well that’s not just the real World. We constantly strive at to improve and offer something new.


We are in the entertainment business after all so what good would this bar be if we didn’t entertain through offering and delivering quality whether its our superb DJs and live music, our premium service, our premium wines, spirits and cocktails as well as our fantastic food. Ronnie’s is after all for people who appreciate quality.

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So this weekend we have three quality party nights lined up. Paul and Mr Rylan tonight, Steeve Mac tomorrow and live music from the Box Groove Coolers on Sunday. We’ve also expanded our 2-4-£10 cocktail list with some old favourites on there like the Chocolate Martini and Dark ‘n’ Stormy and introduced the stunning Grape and Strawberry Martini and the St.G&T (which uses the delicious St Germain elderflower liqueur, Tanqueray and grapefruit juice).


Just look at the blackboards or ask at the bar for details. All of our usual top quality cocktails are still available as well by the way, just see the boards or the menus on the tables.


Next week sees our friends from The Loop hosting a poetry evening on Tuesday (see for details) which will segue beautifully into the ever popular Open Mic night. And Wednesday has Michaela providing the live music from 7pm. Then we’re back to another weekend again. Before you know it, it will soon be Christmas. So that ties neatly into letting you know about Christmas parties at Ronnie’s.


Of course you can’t leave having a good time to chance. So make sure you have a great time by booking your Christmas party at Ronnie’s, which is of course the heart of entertainment in Macc. You can choose what you want to have, whether it’s a cocktail and canapé reception, a superb buffet or a full Christmas dinner. In fact whatever you want, as long as it’s legal, we’ll be able to sort it for you.


Remember room hire is always free at Ronnie’s. And with the room hire you also get the following for free as well:



All of this is subject to availability, so if you want your party at Ronnie’s please book it.


Call me on 01625 665050 or email me


See you soon




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