Open Mic Every Tuesday Night

Posted on October 1, 2009 in Live at Ronnie's

Open mic nights at Ronnie’s are going from strength to strength!

Local musician, songwriter and all round top bloke Gary Baker is doing a great job of hosting the evening entertainment (every Tuesday night from 9pm), with the quality of performers and atmosphere exceeding expectations every week.

The format is simple; Local musicians, comedians, poets, songwriters etc arrive at Ronnie’s and are allocated a slot on the mic by Gary.  Each then uses their slot to try out new material, play to an audience for the first time or just share their talents with an appreciative crowd.

The informal nature of the evening means that you never quite know how the night will develop or who will perform.  From collaborations between musicians jamming, to friends encouraging mates previously too shy, to get up and have a go, the programme is never the same from week to week but always entertaining.

So wether you are an experienced performer or just starting out, or you just like the idea of a full  evening of quality and spontaneous entertainment for free, Tuesday nights at Ronnie’s are the place to be!

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