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Posted on September 24, 2009 in Ronnie's News

My youngest daughter is 14 today. And whilst her sisters and I will be celebrating it later it got me thinking, like so many of us do, where does the time go? It doesn’t seem that long ago when on that Sunday evening back in 1995, Ruby was born, completing my hatrick of daughters.

It was a great day, just like the days her sisters were born. Thinking back I can remember the day quite vividly, going for Sunday lunch at my Mum and Dads in Gatley, rushing back once the contractions started to drop Ashley and Jordan off with their Aunty, then shooting off to Macc Hospital and then the birth, then Ashley and Jordan coming to meet their new sister, then home and watching the Big Chill on TV on my own with a few drinks all on my own with Ruby and her Mum in hospital and with the other girls staying at their Aunty’s. I remember weeping like a girl at the Big Chill – a combination of the joy of my personal situation that day, the booze and the movie itself, particularly the songs in the movie and especially the Rolling Stones track You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

But then when you think again it seems like a lifetime ago, so much has happened for me in the last 14 years. A few failed business ventures and worst of all a failed marriage are the low points, but the high points have to be my daughters (first and foremost) and of course there’s this place.

Yesterday I received an invitation to my friend Amy’s 40th birthday party. I’ve known Amy over the last 14 years and beyond, probably getting on for 18 years I think. We worked together for a lot of them and have always kept in touch. Anyway, she’s asked everyone who’s coming to the party to tell her their top 3 all time favourite tunes so she can put them on the party playlist. This of course has proved to be too hard. I don’t think you can have an all time favourite top 3 tunes. I mean the Rolling Stones song I mentioned above is an all time favourite because it reminds me of that wonderful day 14 years ago.

 I can add Aztec Camera’s Somewhere in My Heart in there which reminded me of zipping around in my Peugeot 205 GTI when Ashley was a tiny baby or Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl which was on the radio when we took Jordan home from hospital after she was born (she has blue eyes by the way). I can add Head Start for Happiness by the Style Council in there as it just picks me up when I need it to. Won’t Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes, the whole of Quadrophenia (the whole album has to be played from start to finish so you can’t pick out individual tunes) and rucks of other Who songs; then there’s Bowie, the Beatles, the Faces, The Smiths, my God it just goes on and on. So I plumped for my 3 of my favourites that would fit into a party full of thirty & forty-somethings and went for Head Start for Happiness, the Stone Roses’ I Am The Resurrection and What Difference Does It make by The Smiths. Anyway I’m looking forward to the party.

 But just picking my favourite tunes for my friends party got me to thinking how difficult it is for our DJs to keep the party going at Ronnie’s week in week out. I’ve said it before but I believe we have the best rosta of DJs in Macc. Their ability to read the crowd and play the right tunes at the right time should never be under estimated. The music our DJs play is integral to the success of the night and why we are the premier bar in town when it comes to grown up late night entertainment. By the way, you can find out what our DJs consider to be three of their favourite tunes plus some other useful (and some useless) information about what makes them tick on our website  

And talking of parties, we are booking up fast for birthday and Christmas parties over the coming weeks, so if you want to hold your party here at Ronnie’s then contact me on 01625 665050 or email me . As you may or may not know, room hire is free (yes free) and so are the fantastic DJs who create the perfect atmosphere and, as I mentioned before, keep the party going and going ‘til the small hours. All you then have to pay for are your drinks and food if you want it. All this information is available at .

Oh and if you need help planning the party we’ll even do that for you as well. Just follow this link , it’s all explained in detail there.

 So hopefully see you over the weekend which actually starts tonight with Brighty and Ben on the decks, tomorrow with Paul and Mr Rylan and on Saturday its Steeve Mac (plus tambourines, maracas and other props). Then on Sunday after you’ve had Sunday Lunch here (and your free glass of wine) the live music entertainment is Dead River Disco from 7pm.


Thursday 24th September 2009

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