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Posted on September 16, 2009 in Ronnie's News

Free Wine at Ronnie’s….

I’ve had a great week this week. As well as the usual high levels of quality in terms of food, drink and entertainment here at the bar, I’ve been to see Macc Rugby Club (we’re sponsoring them again this year) on Saturday and the team resplendent in their fantastic kit (our logo looks great on those shirts doesn’t it?) managed to beat Preston Grasshoppers, getting the season off with a home win after the opening day defeat away at Loughborough.

Prior to that on Wednesday last week I had the great fortune to be in Manchester at the Ruby Lounge where I saw the Blow Monkeys. Some of you may remember them from the late 80’s early 90’s. Their biggest hits I suppose were It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way and Diggin’ Your Scene.

Quality pop music really and they were well worth seeing. Around the same time I was at the Ruby Lounge, Andrew Allen was performing a fantastic set at Ronnie’s. I’m not just saying this because it’s my place, but due to the courtyard’s acoustics and our superb system along with our new stage area, a.k.a. Ronnie’s Live Lounge, this really is becoming an in demand venue to play. So much so that when I was talking to one of the techies at the Ruby Lounge at the end of the Blow Monkeys gig he told me his band, The Rainbow Trouts, had been desperate to play at Ronnie’s for some time. So they’ve got a gig here in October. I’ll let you know more nearer the time.

Another great moment last week was walking up Bosley Cloud with my friends Andrea, Tracy and Mike and our dogs Elvis, Henry and Buster. It’s so close to us yet in my ignorance I didn’t even know of its existence ‘til a couple of weeks ago. I know that’s a bit shameful but now I can say with some conviction that it was well worth it, what a view.

You can look right across the Cheshire Plain from up there and see as far as Wales and Birkenhead in one direction. Then in another direction you have great views of the surrounding towns and Manchester. I recommend it. Since my Three Peak attempt a couple of months back I’ve really got the walking bug. There are some fantastic places to walk just on our doorstep and I’m learning more about the area each week. It’s only taken me 23 years to find all these places but I’m eager to find more.

I’m glad to see that some people read my blog and take note of the things said in it. So a big thank you to Chris Lobley for his comments after sampling our Sunday Lunch last week, he wrote “Great Food, Great Value, Proper Gravy!!!” on one of our comments cards. Its little things like this that make it all worthwhile for me and the team here because it helps us know and understand what’s good and what’s not so good, what’s working and what could work better and also how many people really do appreciate quality. So thanks to anyone who takes the time to fill out the cards, we appreciate it and it helps us make the place better for you.

So because I’ve had such a good week and I’ve got nothing of importance to rant about I’ve decided to buy a drink for everyone.Ronnie's Bar Free Wine Picture


But you have to buy a copy of the Macc Express to get it. If you pick up this week’s Macc Express you should notice a Reader Offer on Page 18. The cut out voucher hasn’t been put in the best of places but don’t let that deter you. Cut it out and bring it in to Ronnie’s on any Sunday between 1pm and 6pm and we’ll give you a free glass of wine. Yes that’s right, a free glass of wine. No catches, no purchase necessary we’ll just give you a free glass of wine on presentation of the voucher. Whilst you’re in though you may wish to try out our fantastic Sunday Lunch menu which you already know offers great food, great value and proper gravy. But don’t forget to get the Macc Express and bring in the voucher.

Then after your feed you and/or free glass of wine why not stick around for the quality live music. This week it’s the Merchants of Cool performing live in the courtyard. They’ll be on about 7pm.

See you soon.


Wednesday 16th September 2009

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