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Posted on September 9, 2009 in Ronnie's News

I’ve just read the letters page in the Macc Express and like it how people can make sweeping generalisations and pass them off as informed opinion. You may think I’ve got a nerve picking up on this as you may feel I do it myself, but so what I’ve got a point to make.


The first letter that caught my eye was from the lady who felt that there was only one pub as she put it, in the whole of the Macclesfield area that made proper gravy by boiling bones to make stock. She didn’t actually state which pub by the way which could be construed as a bit selfish of her, sharing that sort of information is the sort of thing that makes you popular. But my point is how does she know this with such certainty? Has she been in every pub in the area and sampled their gravy? And in each of the pubs she has been in has she been in the kitchen to see if they have a stock pan simmering away for days? I don’t know, but at the risk of making a sweeping statement I bet she hasn’t.


The next letter I noticed was the one from ex-Councillor Brendan Murphy. Before I start I’d like to point out that I have a lot of time for Brendan and his forthright pull-no-punches views. I don’t always agree with him but I can say that he doesn’t tend to make ill informed opinions. His letter was asking why the Tory party were looking to celebrities to fill the void that will be left by Sir Nick Winterton’s impending retirement. Brendan goes on to make some very valid points but questioning why a political party is seeking celebrity candidates is surely obvious.


Most people don’t give a shit about politics.


The popular perception is that the main parties have all blurred into one, they can make claims of doing things differently, but ultimately they’re all the same, they tax you and spend the money wastefully propping up an ever expanding civil service, which creates jobs you see, which keeps the economy going, etc. Just dressing up the way you tax people is the main differential, but you end up paying no matter what. The days of big personality politicians with real opinion it seems is from a bygone age. That’s across the political divide.


People of principle and opinion are alienated and often made out to be a bit loony or more corrupt than the high moral ground party line towing majority, so they are marginalised within their parties and never get the big jobs.


So getting a celebrity to appeal to the public makes the job of getting elected easier. It makes it simple for people, if someone they recognise and like is standing for parliament or endorsing a party it doesn’t matter what they stand for, the public will vote for them because they feel they already know them.


The same principle it appears is true for supermarkets. Bob Fucking Hoskins or Barbara Windsor telling you that every little helps has put Tesco to the top of the Supermarket Premier League. The others have all followed suit, Sainsbury’s have at least tried to push a quality argument but they need a Celebrity Chef to do it for them.


While Morrison’s have opted rather curiously for retired footballer and Match of the Day bore, sorry pundit, Alan Hansen and Nick ‘They Think Its All Over’ Hancock whereas Iceland until very recently persisted with dear old Kerry Katona, but then again even drug addicts have to shop for food sometimes so she appeals to some I suppose.  My point is celebrity endorsement appeals to the masses so they don’t have top think too deeply about where they shop or vote. So back to the original part of this particular rant, that’s why Brendan.


Anyway, back to getting away from the mainstream and standing up for quality and principle. Ronnie’s is launching two new menus this week.


The Monday to Saturday menu includes old favourites like the best homemade Burger in Macc, beer battered fish and chips and bubble and squeak and introduces a superb chicken liver pate, soup of the day, beetroot risotto and shepherds pie. It’s served from 12 noon ’til 9pm every night.


And we have our 20 minute guarantee with it as well. That is if you don’t get your food within 20 minutes of ordering then you can eat for free. Why? Well we think waiting longer than 20 minutes is too long when you’re hungry that’s all.


The second new menu is our Sunday Lunch one. Serving every Sunday between 1pm and 6pm we are offering soup, chicken liver pate or bubble and squeak as a starter. The main course is a choice of roast rib of beef with Yorkshire pudding, Roast Poussin or Beetroot risotto with Crumbled Cheshire cheese.  


And right back to the original subject of this blog, I can assure the lady who wrote the letter to the Macc Express; our gravy will be made using beef marrow bone stock that will have been simmering away the whole of Saturday. So that’s at least two public houses in the Macclesfield area serving traditional English gravy with a traditional English Sunday lunch.


And to make another bold statement I don’t think there will be a finer roast dinner in any town centre bar/pub/restaurant than the one you’ll get at Ronnie’s Bar.


See you soon.



Wednesday 9th September 2009


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