Second Birthday Party

Posted on August 28, 2009 in Ronnie's News

Carus Thompson

Carus Thompson

Ronnie’s Bar is set to celebrate it’s second birthday with a fantastic live music event in Duke’s Court on Sunday 6th September.

Ronnie’s resident band The Virginmarys will play live on the day before Australian sensation Carus Thompson returns to the Courtyard for his first gig since the successful European Album Launch tour back in March.

Bar owner Ronnie Rees said: “It doesn’t feel like two years ago that we were first opening our doors, but we’ve had a busy old time since then. We’ve extended to two more units opened an art gallery and become one of the most respected venues for live music in Macclesfield.

“We much have hosted more than 200 live music events in the Courtyard since we opened and featured the cream of local talent, as well as looking further afield.

“The Virginmarys are always a popular act here and as our resident band it wasn’t a difficult decision to have them playing at our second birthday bash. We think they are the best un-signed band in Macclesfield and we know they love playing here. It’s always a great atmosphere when they are in the Courtyard.



“Of all the other acts we have had, Carus is one of the ones who proved most popular with local fans of live music. Countless tours through Europe and Australia have built him a hard won reputation as a gifted songwriter whose music gains more fans every time he plays so we are sure he will be adding to his fan-base at this gig.”

 “We think that Ronnie’s Bar is for people who appreciate quality, and these two acts certainly fit that description.”

The event kicks off at 2.00pm and as well as the best quality wines, beers and cocktails, Ronnie’s Bar will also be offering hot food and a party atmosphere.

So make sure you don’t miss the Party of the summer at Ronnie’s Bar.

Find out more about Carus and the Virginmarys at their myspace pages.

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