For People Who Appreciate Quality

Posted on August 20, 2009 in Ronnie's News

You may have noticed the picture frames around the bar with messages about quality drinks, quality food, quality entertainment, etc. The strap line to it all is “for people who appreciate quality”. And that is basically what Ronnie’s is all about; it’s for people who appreciate quality.

And with that in mind last night was a night of the highest quality. The Virginmarys started their residency at Ronnie’s with an almighty bang. They were simply awesome. Starting with a few wonderful acoustic numbers they then unleashed an unbelievably brilliant rock and roll set that was just, well brilliant.

It really set a standard for future weeks, so I can’t wait for their next gig here, which incidentally is on Sunday 6th September, our second birthday party. The thing that really got me about last night was the atmosphere in the courtyard, it was electric. You felt that you were part of something very special. Of course the good warm weather and our fantastic sound system helped but the music and the receptive audience just made it all something else. It was truly a great night of top quality entertainment.

Live music at Ronnie’s over the next seven days brings yet more top quality entertainment with a welcome return of three superb acts, the Tensions perform on Sunday followed by Dead River Disco and Chris Birdsall next Wednesday. Sandwiched in between this is the fabulously eclectic Open Mic night on Tuesday. Chester le Flange is back in charge next week as well so that’s an extra bonus.

Meanwhile I’m looking forward to our next few nights of top quality entertainment from our fantastic DJs, premium drinks and cocktails. Nothing substandard and no cheap and nasty premixes (that applies to the DJs as well as the cocktails), after all Ronnie’s is only for people who appreciate quality.

See you soon.


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