Binge Drinking… shock report or what?

Posted on August 10, 2009 in Ronnie's News

I’m sat at home watching Panorama’s latest load of bollocks on binge drinking. It really makes me angry that this hysterical cheap shock reporting tries to portray that everyone who goes out at the weekend is a piss head violent twat. Now there are people like that in every town, attracted by cheap drinks and crap music, we all know the sort and the places they go.

What these types of programmes fail to report on is that there are plenty of sensible licensed operators who don’t conform to the media stereotype. Of course that doesn’t make for a shock horror isn’t-this-country-decaying-and-what’s-wrong-with-society-it’s-the-lack-of-father-figures-in-their-lives Daily Mail-style horse shite that loves to drag the British nation down.

Every country has its fuckwits. We are not alone in that so we should stop the introspection and start to balance it out. Show the binge drinking violent tossers in other countries if you like but more pertinent would be to show how not every late licence venue in England is selling cheap drinks, has an intimidating door policy and breeds violence.

Not every bar and everyone is like that. We at Ronnie’s go to great lengths to make it a nice environment, to play quality music and to sell premium quality drinks. I make no apologies for our pricing. We sell quality and work hard to create a superb atmosphere. We invest in our premises, we invest in our staff and most of all we invest in our guests.

We try and make it a place where people know they will meet nice people whose primary aim is to have a good time. We have increased our table service staff at peak times to alleviate pressure on the bar and to give guests more time to socialise with friends rather than queue up waiting to be served. We have some form of entertainment on every night of the week. We have a top quality chef creating top quality food at lunch time, early evening, for party bookings and business functions. We invest in keeping the premises clean and comfortable. We invest in new drinks, new ideas, live music, quality DJs and are constantly looking on how to improve.

The answer to binge drinking Britain isn’t the way the tabloids and Panorama would have it by putting restrictions on operators on whether or not they can do cheap drink promotions. It just isn’t that at all. Selling drinks cheap is a fast track to closure. So these places will die out without government intervention forcing the people who want to drink cheap shite to stay in their homes drinking cheap booze from the supermarkets or moving to the next venue that thinks turnover equals profit.

I could go off on some random conspiracy theory that the mainstream media are working to a government agenda to scare people into staying in their own homes and not interacting with other folk for fear of getting hurt, thus saving vast amounts of money by only having policemen working in the day raising money through issuing speeding tickets and parking fines. But that would be the yin to the yang of the shite I’ve just been ranting about. Just get some perspective on things, the vast majority of people, even when they’re drunk, are decent people who don’t want to fight, they just want to have a good time.

Anyway, you cannot invest in your guests if you only sell cheap drinks, it is not commercially viable. There is a world of difference between price and value. Is value getting pissed for a tenner on shit loads of chemically enhanced blue piss in a bottle or is it going to a venue that treats you like adults, respects you, sells quality and wants you to come back again and again? I know what I think is value and drinking cheap blue piss in a bottle isn’t it.

And I know I’m not alone in that as we have once again had an exceptional week of top quality guests, buying top quality food and drinks and enjoying top quality entertainment.

Appreciating quality.


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