Doommongering, did I make that word up??

Posted on July 30, 2009 in Ronnie's News

My new favourite drink…

I’m getting a little pissed off with the doom monger mentality that’s around at the moment. Yeah the summer’s not really happening weather wise, well June was alright but July was a bit wet. And the met office and other weather experts are changing their minds daily as to whether August will be sunny or wet or a bit undecided. In reality no-one really knows what to expect so we may as well just get on with things making the most of the situation whatever it is. My tip is if it’s raining take an umbrella out with you, if it’s dry don’t. But don’t ever let the weather get in the way of having a good time.

As an eternal optimist I have always thought this way. I’ve supported Man City all my life believing that one day they’ll show some consistency and win major trophies on a regular basis. They may just do that now that they are the richest club in the World and are assembling a squad of top quality players – no bargain basement Wigan rejects and injury prone crocks for us anymore. The point is you never know what may turn up if you stay positive throughout. We all feel better when the sun shines I know that, but you may still have a great night, meet the partner of your dreams, on a wet Wednesday night in Macclesfield if you stay positive. On that front I’m still searching, but remain convinced that it will happen again for me one day.

The weather last Sunday was particularly awful but if you’d braved it and come to Ronnie’s you would have had quite a day. In the afternoon we held a Psychic Fair. Organised by Gift of Change it was a spiritually uplifting experience. There were a quite a number of talented and interesting people milling around. Very enlightening to those with an open mind it was too and probably quite a day for those with a closed mind because it no doubt gave them ample opportunity to scoff and scorn with each other. If you are interested and/or intrigued by all of this we will be having another event like this in September. You can also contact Helen and Sarah at where there is a whole host of information on what they do.

And if you’d stuck around until the evening last Sunday you would have been treated to some wonderful live music. Rich House kicked the evening off with a sumptuous set of moving and emotional tunes. The finale though was Chris Birdsall. For those of you who don’t know Birdy was the bass player with the Virginmarys. I love the Virginmarys and believe that they will be very very successful. Chris leaving hasn’t weakened them at all and you will all be able to find that out when they next perform here on September 6th.

But that’s not an insult to Chris because he is a huge talent all on his own. His solo work is simply amazing. He will be successful in his own right I’m convinced of that. His songs have depth, emotion and structure. His new album is every bit as good as the first. Truly stunning. And if you’d braved the weather you’d have found that out for yourselves. So next time its pissing down on a Sunday stay positive and get yourself down here and listen to some quality live music, drink quality drinks, eat quality barbequed food and meet interesting people. This Sunday’s live music by the way is Nicholas Turner, another solo artist who will be playing many of his own tunes and some interesting covers. So don’t miss it.

Which somehow leads me on to my favourite drink of the moment. The Negroni. Gin, Campari and Sweet (rosso) Vermouth are the ingredients along with orange zest and ice it is quite fantastic. Its origins are from 1920’s Florence and it takes its name from Count Camillo Negroni for whom it was initially developed. Campari is not to everyone’s taste and we’ve had the same bottle on the bar for as long as I can remember. But I remained positive about the stuff and set about finding a drink that would give it a bit more appeal. So if you like things bitter, dry and very tasty then this superb drink is for you. Just ask any of our staff for a Negroni and our skilled mixologists will create it for you.

We are also in the process of finding out what you like (or even dislike) about Ronnie’s. Comments cards are scattered around the bar and I will endeavour to respond to every constructive comment as long as you leave me an email address. You can also let me know directly by email if you’d prefer by sending through your thoughts to . I really want to know what you think so please if you get chance or have something you really want to get off your chest then let me know.

This weekend sees another great line up of entertainment. The DJs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are getting better each week. The atmosphere they create is just wonderful, which I suppose is why we are the busiest bar in town. And don’t forget Nicholas Turner on Sunday night.

See you soon


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