I don’t do boring and predictable

Posted on July 2, 2009 in Ronnie's News

Its 9 weeks since I smoked a cigar. It has been a bit of a struggle at times because I enjoyed a good cigar. I love the smell, the nicotine rush, the taste, the ostentatious statement of smoking a big fuck off cigar, all of it really. So why have I quit them? Well they were pissing me off. I felt stupid that I’d drifted from an occasional cigar into an all consuming addiction and habit. I feel stressed, have a cigar. I feel happy, have a cigar. I feel pissed, have several cigars. It started to become predictable and boring to me, and I just don’t do boring and predictable.

Being boring and predictable isn’t the Ronnie’s way of doing things. I’m not turning this blog into a pious and evangelical anti smoking thing, after all half the people who come to Ronnie’s, and indeed around half of my friends smoke. I preside over the finest licensed smoking area in Macclesfield, so I would be a bit of a prick to start rallying against smoking wouldn’t I?
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I actually enjoy company, so if that company wants to smoke then so what. I believe in leaving each to their own when they’re not breaking the law of course. I think I actually enjoy passive smoking anyway. The smell of roll ups is just divine, that smell reminds me of my first visit to Maine Road. City won that game, so the smell of roll ups reminds me of City winning, and to me there are not many better feelings than that.

Having said there’s nothing predictable about Ronnie’s, I suppose I’m not being completely honest. This is because you can always predict on having a good time at Ronnie’s (beat that Partridge!). For instance, the Tuesday open mic session this week was another roaring success. Our open mic sessions, especially with Chester Le Flange hosting, are becoming a firm fixture on the Macc music and entertainment scene. We moved it all inside this week because the BBC told us it was going to rain, it didn’t, but it didn’t detract from an excellent night’s entertainment. (By the way if the weather experts can’t get it right in a 24 hour period how can they predict the end of life as we know it in 50 years time due to global warming? Just a thought.)

Which all brings me to my point in a roundabout way. The credit crunch maybe real but just don’t get too perturbed about where it’s all going to end up. You just don’t know. In the meantime have some fun with us (as long as you’re living within your means of course).

Join us on a Tuesday for Open Mic, either to play or watch and appreciate the eclectic mix of talent, from the genius to the bizarre, it’s all on show and makes for a stunningly good night out. Join us on a Wednesday for the Dukebox, where you can bring your own vinyl/CDs/iPod/MP3 player and play your favourite tunes. Join us on a Thursday, Friday & Saturday where our superb DJs never fail to entertain. Join us on a Sunday for al fresco live music and the wonderful gourmet bbq. Even join us on a Monday for a chilled start to the week.

Often the chosen night out for people who work in retail, hospitality and entertainment, Mondays can be a hidden gem. More importantly join us to eat quality food in the best location in Macc, drink premium, beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. And if you want to smoke whilst drinking for God’s sake do it here, it’s perfectly legal in our courtyard. You may even be adding to global warming which currently (if you believe the ‘experts’) is a good thing, this weather is ace isn’t it?

Oh and don’t forget the free strawberries and cream we’re giving away to everyone during Wimbledon fortnight. We’re showing the games and giving you free strawberries and cream, so it’s a very civilised way to spend an afternoon/early evening, sitting outside Ronnie’s in the courtyard away from the traffic fumes, sipping a nice drink, eating excellent food with a strawberries and cream vinegar stroke. Priceless. Yes we take plastic too.

See you soon.


PS Don’t forget finals days this Saturday and Sunday, especially if our boy makes it to the final. It should add an extra twist to the weekend.

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