Fishbowl @ Ronnie’s every Thursday

Posted on June 28, 2009 in Offers

Tonight (Thursday) sees the start of our new sharing experience at Ronnie’s. We always advocate putting quality over quantity, but with our new Fishbowls we are offering both quality and quantity. The concept is quite simple we are producing a quality cocktail in a traditional glass fishbowl for up to four people to share. On the Fishbowl menu is:

Jamaican Mule – Pampero Rum, Ginger Beer, Fresh Limes, Lemongrass,
Vodka Pimm’s – Vodka, Pimm’s No1, Lemonade and Fresh Fruit
Sangria – Merlot Carignan Red Wine, Lemonade & Fresh Fruit
Cuba Libre – Ten Cane Rum, Coca Cola, Fresh Lemon & Lime
Raspberry & Elderflower Vodka Punch – Smirnoff Black Vodka, Elderflower Cordial, Raspberry Puree, Lemonade and Fresh Raspberries

Each one of the above is made with loving care by our highly trained mixologists and bar staff using premium spirits, wines, mixers, fresh fruit, herbs and spices. And at £20 a pop they are extremely good value too.

Fishbowls @ Ronnie’s are the antidote to cheap drinks promotions where nasty horrible pre-packaged pretty coloured fizzy piss is delivered to you at stupid prices to encourage hangovers of biblical proportions due to the chemicals, e-numbers and impurities they contain.

The perfect accompaniment to Fishbowls is the quality music delivered by James Bright. Consequently we are renaming our Thursday nights as Fishbowl @ Ronnie’s. So its starts tonight so I hope to see you later.

Also on the agenda this weekend is more quality music from Paul Hibbert and Mr Rylan on Friday night. Their usual eclectic mix of tunes is always a pleasure and never fails to deliver top quality entertainment. And Saturday night sees the start of Steve Mack’s regular Saturday night residency @ Ronnie’s. Steve has DJ-ed here once or twice a month for the past year but we’ve now managed to secure his services every Saturday night. Steve is highly in demand as a DJ so this is something of a major recognition for Ronnie’s and the people who come here.

The weekend finale is as usual live music in the courtyard. This week we have the Box Groove Coolers and it promises to be yet another treat for people who appreciate quality live music. Along with our gourmet barbeque, Fishbowls, cocktails, premium beers, wines and spirits there isn’t a better place to be in Macc than Ronnie’s sitting in the courtyard away from the traffic fumes.

See you soon.


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