Gormet BBQ menu

Posted on June 21, 2009 in Food

Create your own platter, any 3 of the following for £5.00 plus as much salad as you can eat!

Garlic and lemon king prawn skewer (gf)

Lemon and basil whole sardines (gf)

Lamb Kofte (gf)

Cumberland sausage (gf)

Garlic and Balsamic mushrooms (v) (gf)

Halloumi and vegetable kebab (v) (gf)

Jerked Chicken (gf)


Potato salad (v) (gf)

Greek salad (v) (gf)

(v) – vegetarian              (gf) – Gluten free                                    All dishes are nut free but we do have nuts in the building

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